Status Level: Level 9 Level 9 (72,440 points)
Location: London, UK
Biography: I was born in 1942: I joined the BBC World Service in 1961 as a Technical Operator, then from 1968 worked for them as a Studio Manager (sound mixer) until I took early retirement in 1995 - then I did the same thing a few days a month on a casual basis until I 'really' retired in September 2007. My interests include music (Classical and classic jazz), old records, new records and hi-fi, cinema (including silent films), cycling, science fiction, and computers (provided they're Macs). I've also written several books on broadcast comedy, including on the Goons, Tony Hancock, and the Monty Python generation, and also on theatrical Variety 1919-1960 - see
Occupation: Retired
Expertise: Professional experience in broadcast audio, including disk-cutting, control room operations, sound mixing including music and drama. Knowledgeable about classical music, classic jazz, cinema and cinema history, record collecting and the technical history of recording.
Member Since: Sep 20, 2005