Apple Support Communities

Answer questions

By answering questions in the community, you help other members get the most out of their Apple products. Plus, when another user marks your answer as helpful or that it solved their question, you receive reputation points. These reputation points increase your status level and give you access to additional privileges within the community.

Before you answer a question, keep the community etiquette in mind.

Find unanswered questions

  1. Go to the community where you'd like to answer questions.
  2. click the Discussions tab
  3. From the Filter menu, choose 'Open Questions'.

You can also Customize Your View to show all open questions in a community.

Reply to a question

  1. Click the question title.
  2. At the bottom of the post, click Reply. You'll see a Reply box at the bottom of the thread.
  3. Type your response. Ask for additional details, provide helpful information, or answer the question. When you're done, click Add Reply.

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