Apple Support Communities

Respond to answers

When you post a question, other community members may ask for additional information about the issue. To respond, click Reply at the bottom of the post and type your response. You can also respond to ask follow-up questions or thank other members for their help.

Mark helpful answers

When you receive answers that help solve your question, you can mark them so that they are easier for other members to find. Plus, you encourage helpful community members, who receive reputation points when you mark their answers.

  • You can mark two responses that help solve your question. This awards five points for each helpful answer, and places a link to the response at the bottom of your post.
  • You can mark one answer that solves your question. This awards ten points to the member who posted the answer, and adds a copy of the answer below your original post. You can mark one correct answer.

Respond from your email

To respond from an email notification, click one of the links below the response. The person who solved your question or provided a helpful answer will receive an email letting them know that you responded.

Respond in the community

  1. Sign in and go to the discussion thread. Or if you're responding from an email notification, click the link in the email to go to the thread. You can also find the thread in the Your Stuff tab of your profile, which lists all discussions you've participated in.
  2. Choose one of the buttons below the response that helped you.

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