Apple Support Communities

Earn points, status levels, and privileges

When another community member marks your answer as helpful or solved, you receive reputation points. Helpful answers are worth five points, and solved answers are worth ten.

You can see a user's status level and points next to each post.

As you collect more reputation points, your status level increases and you receive additional privileges.

Status Level Points Privilege
Level 1 0-149
Level 2 150-499 Report Post
Level 3 500-999 Custom Avatar
Level 4 1,000-3,999 Conference Calls
Level 5 4,000-7,999 User Tips
Level 6 8,000-19,999 Lounge Access, MVP Meetups
Level 7 20,000-34,999
Level 8 35,000-49,999
Level 9 50,000-79,999
Level 10 80,000+

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