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Ok...I took my Kodak camera and video taped my showtruck that I have for sale. I turned the camera sideways to get more of the heigth.

When I downloaded it to my computer, it plays sideways using quicktime. I had the free version. So I bought the quicktime pro version that allows me to edit the video.

After editing all the videos by taking them and rotating them, they play normal now on my computer. When I upload the videos to my web site, www.bigbunks.com, they play sideways still. Why does it play normal on my laptop after editing and saving it but when I upload it on my web site it plays sideways? CAN YOU HELP?

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    It sounds like you are saving a reference movie instead of a self-contained movie. The reference movie relies on the original unedited version, which is probably what you uploaded. You will need to choose the self-contained option when saving so that the editing changes are included when you upload to the web site.

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    Ok...will try and post the outcome.
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    OK...it was already saved as a self-contained movie. What I did find out, the picasa web site that I uploaded too does not use quicktime but flashpoint player. Flash point player is the problem not quicktime.

    Thanks for your help.
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    After rotating the video you should use "Save As" instead of "Save".
    You may also need to scale the dimensions or even add a mask track or background layer so your rotated video maintains the proper aspect ratio of 4:3
    You shot as 240 (width) 320 (height). You now have 3:4 aspect.
    Create an all black image sized at 320X240 and add (scaled) to your entire video. Use the Movie Properties window to rotate and reduce your video track to the height of that black image and adjust the offset so it is centered.
    You'll have black bands on both sides of your video but it will be 4:3