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I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but, I can't rename songs that are listed as 'track 01', 'track 02', etc, in itunes.

I'm sure I've done it before, but for some reason it doesn't allow me to do it now.

I can edit the album name and artist using the 'get info' facility, and I can also edit the song name, however, as soon as I play the track, it renames itself to 'track 01', etc, although the album name and artist remains correct.

I've also tried renaming the actual file in windows explorer, and then 'pointing' itunes to the file, but it still renames back to 'track 01' when I play it.

Please help!

Windows XP
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    I am a bit confused by what you write as you appear to be talking about two different things.

    The name of a track in iTunes is not the same as the file name in Windows. The "name" of a track is taken from the Tag in the file and is not connected with the name of the physical file. The "name" is also stored in the iTunes library database.

    When you play a track in iTunes, iTunes reads the inforamtion from the tag and updates the record in the iTunes library (database). So if a name appears to change when you play a track it means the information in the tag was diffent from the infomation in the iTunes library.

    Having said that, if you can edit the name in iTunes Get Info, it ought to save it in the tag, but it won't change the file name. So if the name is not being saved but other information in the tag is being saved, I am not sure what is going on, it ought not to happen - unless there is something else on your PC changing tag information.
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    OK - I've managed to figure out what was causing the problem.

    I have Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 installed, which has a program that watches your media folders for changes, to help EMC locate files quickly, etc.

    Once I disabled this, I could rename my songs in Itunes without any issues.
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    Thanks for the feedback, it's alsways useful to get the solution to a problem. I usally think of WMP and automaticlly updating tag information so it's good to know Roxio does it.
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    I am also having this problem, and it is very annoying. It only happens on certain tracks, where if you rename it or change the track number, it will seem to be changed, but when you restart itunes, or go to get info again, the info will have reverted back. I have roxio creator, but not easy media creator. I just have the CD/DVD burning part of it, which doesn't run any processes or services to monitor media files that I can find...


    Well I searched around some, did some experimenting with terminating various processes, and have discovered the culprit.

    It would seem that the Sprint Music Manager, which I use to transfer music to my cell phone, runs a background thread called music monitor. When I ended that process, the problem resolved itself.

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