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I recently updated the episodes of my podcast. They are showing up in the pdcast once I subscribe, but if I go thru and search for the podcast and go to the iTunes site for it, it only shows 6 episodes instead of 12.



Anyone have any ideas how to get this to update or what file to update?

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    It will take a while for iTunes to update its cached copy of your XML file. It is not immediate and can take up to several hours or days to update since it is only checking for a updated copy every so often. You can speed up the process slightly by requesting that iTunes go and grab your feed by "pinging" the iTunes server like such:


    It also won't be immediate but it will in most cases only be hours rather than days.

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    It shows 12 now.
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    Thanks for the info.
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    I used your wisdom to ping my itunes podcasts....i put my ID number at the end.....just like you showed here....now none of my podcasts are showing up...everything is gone. Is this supposed to do this?
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    what is your podcast ID? Or link to your podcast or XML?
    The ping only tells iTunes that your XML feed has been updated and that it should go an grab it now or at least sooner than it normally would on its own.
    Most likely the new XML that you have created and iTunes has grabbed may have an error that is preventing iTunes from properly reading the XML.
    Without knowing what your XML looks like its hard to tell what the problem could be.

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    I found your other post with the feedid.
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    We submitted our podcast (first one) along with all of the other required data a couple days ago, were approved and up and submitted two more episodes yesterday, which are up now.

    However, though its been three days or so and we have a very distinct title, Johnny Cash Radio, I've tried every search imaginable and can't find our podcast. Of course I have the direct feed URL into the iTunes store since we feature it on our site (www.johnnycash.com) but there's no way a client can find it (at least at this point) by doing a search while on iTunes using "Johnny Cash" as the search phrase. Any words of wisdom? You can also email me at odysgroup@aol.com if ou prefer. Thanks.
    Bill Miller
    The Official Johnny Cash Web Site

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    May take longer than just 3 days for it to show up. iTunes must have a truly humongous podcast database and it doesn't seem to be the most efficient database either...often taking a long while to build its search index.
    Anyway, I ran the feed through feedvalidator.org and it popped up some concerns with the categories that are being used.
    Looks like from looking at the code that you tried to put this in a subcategory of Movies & Television called Music...neither of which exist....also the Talk Radio category no longer exists.
    So there is a possibility that iTunes just doesn't know where to put this podcast.

    The current list of podcast categories are listed in the iTunes podcast tech spec:

    as well as usage.

    You'll want something like:

    <itunes:category text="Music" />
    <itunes:category text="TV &amp; Film" />

    And remove the old "talk radio" tag. You have a limit of up to 3 categories.

    Anyway, see if changing the categories helps at all. Run the feed through feedvalidator.org again to make sure you don't have any outstanding problems.