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Is there a faq that exists that could walk me through creating a wireless network? I hope I am asking the correct question here.

Ultimately, I would like to access on my iMac, iBook, and external hard drives (and vice versa) via my wifi router.

Also, I would like directions as how to password protect and encrypt my wifi connection. I have some computer knowledge, although, the more simplistic, the better.

I have an Airlink 101 MIMO wireless router.

I can currently connect to the internet wirelessly via my router.

Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be excellent! Thank you in advance.

ibook g4, imac g4, Mac OS X (10.3.9), airlink 101 MIMO
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    Try Airport Support. Also select Mac Help from the Finder's Help menu and search on "airport" without quotes.
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    Sorry, so far the link included is for use with Airport extreme.

    My router is connected to Airlink 101. I have connected my iMac to the internet via an ethernet cable coming from the Airlink 101. Am i missing something here?

    There is no Airport settings or folder on my iMac. I do however, have airport extreme on iBook.

    I am a n00b. Sorry
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    Have you configured your Airport port in Network preferences? Airport Extreme is the type of Airport card in your computer. Even if you have the older Airport Standard card the information is still essentially the same.

    Have you configured your Airlink to turn on the wireless transceiver (in the event it isn't on by default.) I'm not familiar with the Airlink 101. Is it a router or simply an access point (like the Airport Express?)

    Does your iMac have an Airport card installed? If not you can't use it wirelessly.
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    Thank you again.

    The airlink is a wireless router.


    The iMac does not have an airport card. It connects to the internet via an ethernet port on the back of the wireless router.

    My iBook can connect to the internet just fine.

    I just need help connecting the iBook to the iMac and it's peripherals via the wireless connection. Is this possible?
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    OK. I guess I misunderstood your problem. Apparently your wireless setup is working OK. You just need to set things up to share files and peripherals. I believe these articles should help get you started:

    About File Sharing
    Creating and Connecting to Networks

    You should also find help with sharing by selecting Mac Help from the Finder's Help menu and doing a search on "sharing" without the quotes.

    In your previous post you said you had a router and the Airlink 101. Did you mean a "modem and Airlink 101?" I'm curious because in this post you said the Airlink was the router. I want to be sure you aren't using two routers because that can cause some confusion in the network.