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I don't know what is wrong with my ipod, but when I try to drag songs from my iTunes library into my ipod, it doesn't work. So when I click on "Music" under "iPod", there's no songs. Also, in "Music" under "iPod", where it shows the capacity, there's a picture of a lock. I am thinking that this is why I can't add songs. If somebody could please tell me how to get it unlocked, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
Oh and one more thing- I have already updated and restored my iPod but this has not worked. Thanks again!

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    Your iPod is set to update automatically, if you want to drag songs to it you have to set it to manual update. If you want to manage it manually then connect your iPod and click on the iPod icon in the iTunes source list to bring up the preference tabs in the main pane. In the Summary tab check the box "manually manage music and videos" and click Apply:
    Managing content manually on iPod
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    Something to remember about using an iPod in manual mode is that the "Do Not Disconnect" message will remain on the display until you physically eject the device. In that case use the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows system tray on the desktop and check this link for alternative methods:: Safely Disconnect IPod