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Erich Wetzel Level 2 (315 points)
Running ichat server, just a handful of OD users. OD is on the same machine as Ichat server. Nothing is limiting the use of Ichat by any of the OD users. Server G5 10.4.9, Clients managed Intel Imacs 10.4.9

Added a new user.
New user can add buddies in the Jabber List.
New user can see all but 1 of them in the List.
One of the buddies, lets say UserX, can see the new user in her Jabber List.
No matter what we have tried from within Ichat the new user cannot see UserX.

Both users are members of the same groups and have matching access abilities.
Any suggestions. Thanks for looking at this.

G5 DP 2.3, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
  • Tim Harris Level 4 (1,460 points)
    I have seen this happen normally where there is a long time gap between someone adding a buddy and the other accepting.

    You can fix this if you are happy to edit text files on the server. I can tell to what to look for and what to change. You happy to edit file using a text editor?
  • Erich Wetzel Level 2 (315 points)
    If you can assist me with were to look, I'm find with editing. I just don't know where to begin looking.
  • Tim Harris Level 4 (1,460 points)
    New user can see all but 1 of them in the List.

    If I understand it this correctly, 'new user' can see all other buddies except one. And all the other users can see this buddy.

    Lets call the new user "userX" and the one they cannot see "userY" and lets call your ichat server "jabber.myserver.com"

    The configuration files for users buddylist is stored in the spool di rectorywhich you can find at /var/jabber/spool/. In there you will find a directory the matches the name of your ichat server. For me that is jabber.clayford.com. In this directory you will find one xml file for eash user of ichat server. Their file name is the OD logon name for the server.

    Stop the ichat server service and make back up of any files you edit before you start.

    Open the file for "userX.xml" In this file you will see some xml code that starts <item jid='userY@jabber.myserver.com' subscription='xxxxxx'>. there will be a number of them, one for each buddy.

    Mke sure the xxxxxx is the word 'both' [with the quotes] and if the text ask='subscribe' exists in that line before the >,remove it. So that definition should now be: <item jid='userY@jabber.myserver.com' subscription='both'>.

    Save the file and now open the file userY.xml and check that the item <item jid='userX@jabber.myserver.com' subscription='both'> exists.

    Restart the ichat server and the problem should be fixed...
  • Erich Wetzel Level 2 (315 points)
    Thanks for the clear instructions. I think it may have been something deeper in the user xml files as your adjustment did not solve the problem. I tried adding other new users and ran into the same types of issues.

    My solution in the end was to shut down the service, delete all user xml files in the ichat server folder you directed me to, restart the service and have the users resetup their accounts and buddies. No problems.

    Fortunately, I have 6 users and this was no big deal.

    Thanks for your help...Erich