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Hi everyone,
I'd liketo know how i can restore factory settings of a shuffle manually, without software support.

iBook G4 1.2GHz, Mac OS X (10.3.6)
Solved by 0Ari0 on Jul 2, 2007 1:49 PM Solved
I'm talking about "Shuffle reset utility"
is possible?
One time i read in some place that this is possible
but i don't remember if is about restore or reset
utility, i rebember that i need to press two keys
togther during 15 seconds...

Non-shuffle iPods can be reset by toggling the Hold switch and then pressing and holding both the Menu and Select (center) buttons simultaneously for at least 6 second. But this doesn't apply to a shuffle which is "reset" by switching it off for 5 seconds and then back on again.

Is the above what you meant?