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    36 hours and numerous phone calls later I am finally activated. Pretty much ruined the out-of-box experience for me. I finally got it fixed by calling the 877-800-3701 number, choosing option 3 which told me my phone was already activated - but of course it wasn't. From there I dial 0 for more help. An hour and a half later I finally got to speak to an actual person who actually helped me after placing me on hold numerous time and doing who knows what. 5 minutes after I hung up, my email arrived and my iBrick transformed into my iPhone.

    ATT - you better get it together if you expect to keep new customers like me.
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    Revolutionary phone, Revolutionary waits. iWait!
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    Ok, after nearly 24 hours and more than twenty calls to all of the numbers posted, I finally got my phone activated. Here's what happened:

    I called 1-877-419-4500, and had them comb over my account to make sure everything is in order and there were no errors. The first time they told me everything was good to go I just needed to wait at least 24 hours, it's all automatic from here on out.

    The next time I called the gal I spoke with told me that her supervisor had some success doing a manual activation, so she took down some information and brought it to her supervisor, who contacted yet another more technical group somewhere that changed my status from "Complete" to "Activated."

    Within five minutes I received the e-mail that my port was complete. The next time I stuck my phone in the dock, BAM! Activated.

    The only trick here was to ride them until they called the right people. Hope this helps.

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    If only I had access to a working phone right now....aggh!!
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    woohoo...just got off the phone with Stephanie with att. the iphone is ALIVE!! i'll be sure to remind them once everything is good and well that the activation fee is not going to be paid...i wasted a weekend getting this setup and i think that's worth the activation fee.

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    45 minutes on hold and still waiting to get this resolved. Even had to switch phones
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    22 hours and counting --Existing att customer with old plan. How much longer?
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    35 hours and counting.

    If it's not activated by Sunday late afternoon, it's going back to the Apple Store for a full refund (no restocking fee, that's for sure), and I won't be getting another one. All of my considerable enthusiasm for my iPhone has been slowly bled out of me, hour by hour.

    At this point, this is as much Apple's fault as AT&Ts. Apple and AT&T both planned this launch, and Apple should have made sure that AT&T had realistic plans in place. Any chimp would have known that a lot of activations would be made at once.

    Also, AT&T could calm people down by sending an email to those who have been waiting an extra long time, simply saying that it's aware of the long wait, but that it's doing everything possible to address it. But instead, we hear nothing, leading people to think that their phone might not be working properly, or that there's some other problem unique to their situation. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    And had I been able to use the other functions of the iPhone immediately, I would be a little annoyed right now, but generally happy.

    What a great opportunity Apple and AT&T had to do this right, and they blew it...
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    Do I need to keep the iPhone connected and computer on until fully activated?

    Yes, and disable sleep or hibernation, too.
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    I guess I will have to go to work w/ an iBrick.
  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 Level 8 (41,055 points)

    Well, that may be good advice if you're in a big hurry (and it appears that most people here are), but it would be worth a week's wait to me (and maybe more) to keep my current number.
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    [comercial] This is how you turn it on. This is how you make a call. This is wait for activation, on your iPhone. [/comercial]
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    Just got off the phone with the iPhone Activation Support folks (after a wait time of, get minutes). Still no joy on an active phone, but was told everything looked good from their side (thanks to David in National Business Ordering this morning, where I guess they brought in weekend support), and it looked like things were just winding their way through the various systems.

    A small ray of hope: I was told that all phones that submitted activation requests on Friday, which mine was, should be active by midnight tonight (Sunday). Still holding out hope...

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    What number is iPHone Activation Support? Thanks.

    44 hours and waiting.
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    I waited approx 15 hours before logging on here and finding the 877-800-3701 number. I chose option #1. After waiting approx. 1 hour to get someone, the girl was polite - asked for my order number from the email, and then verified the numbers off of my box. She then told me that my phone was activated already, and that she would have to transfer me to iPhone support. It was clear she didn't know what to do. I asked for a supervisor and she said it would be a 20 minute wait. I asked for iPhone support in lieu of waiting.

    As I was holding for iPhone support, I received an email that my activation was complete. Sure enough, phone is alive and kicking.


    By the way - it is awesome.