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Hey, just wondering if anyone knows the best method of reverting to a previous version of iTunes. I really hate how the new one (7.3) orders the artists by now putting # numbers last not first and anything with 'A' before it, ordered under the next letter (e.g. A Perfect Circle now under 'P' not 'A'). I dont know if I should open the iTunes file and choose 'Remove' it and re install an older version, but just worried about music being wiped from iTunes and having to re add all of it, which has happened and isn't fun. If anyone has anything on that, much appreciated.


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    I've got the same question - how can I revert to a preview version, and will I keep my library?
    I've got 7.3.2 now and it *****!!

    The whole music stuttering issue is back and it's SLOW! Both in recognizing I've hooked up my iPod as well as with syncing and ejecting it again. Just when they improved that.. grumble!!!
    (sorry to complain in your topic, but this is really really annoying me).

    Anyway, the 2 previous version were running a lot smoother and faster, so I too would like to know how to backtrack.
    Or an even better alternative: I really wish Apple would get their act together and get everything to WORK.