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Itunes will not sync. my photos from my Iphoto library

When I try to sync photos to my iPod (80gb video Ipod) it gives me the error "The iPod cannot by synced. The required file cannot be found." Does anyone know what file this is and why it cannot find it? Thanks for any help.

Minimac + Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.6), Airport express + Airport extreme
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    I asked the same question last February and got no help from Apple and a well intentioned but not so useful reply from a fellow Mac user.


    However, when switching to a new MacBook Pro, I observed what happened and found out the root of the problem.

    When you tell iTunes to sync your iPod with your iPhoto Library, it creates a folder called "iPod Photo Cache" at >User>Pictures>iPhoto Library, which depending on the size of your iPhoto library, or how many pics you want to sync with iTunes, it can be huge! (1,600+ pics created a 1Gb+ folder).

    The solution is obvious: just delete that folder and let these applications create a new one next time you instruct iTunes to sync your photos. To be sure, next time you open iTunes after you throw away that folder, uncheck the iPhoto option, close iTunes, make sure the folder is gone, and then, when you open iTunes again with your iPod connected, check it again having made sure that the pesky folder is not there and iTunes (or iPhoto, who knows) will create a fresh one.

    By the way, iPod Photo Cache folders are created all over the place! Do a Spotlight search in your hard drive and you will be amazed about how many you will find!

    Good luck! Hope it works!
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    GENIUS!!!! worked and solved my iPhone sync problem. thank you so so much.
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    Glad you were able to solve your problem. Would you mind to mark your question as "solved" just for the record?
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    hi Estusal

    Thanks for your answer. How do I uncheck the Iphoto options? I mean I can't uncheck them when the Ipod is not connected

  • Kudsk Level 1 (10 points)
    I just tried what you have suggested and my Ipod started to sync. my 5.700 photo's so I was thinking that I was home free but after more then one hour it came with the same error message: It couldn't find the necessary archive and therefore it couldn't sync.
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    Seems like you have a considerably huge collection. I don't know if there is any reasonable limit for this sync to work, but calculate about 1Mb per picture. That means that your new iPod photo cache will take around 6Gb of hard drive in your computer. Even if you have 10 or 15 Gb available in your computer, remember that some of that is used by the virtual memory to operate the computer. Also if you have less than 2Gb of RAM you may be in trouble to have enough "memory power" to do such task. Try again with all other applications closed. I recommend you select just a few folders from your iPhoto library to sync first and then keep adding more and more albums and photos. Your iPod may also be having a hard time accomodating all those pictures. Again, even if you have room in your iPod hard drive, (let's say more than 10Gb) that doesn't mean that your 6Gb of photos will fit, because that free space is spread all over the drive and may not be continuosly available for your new files. Connect your iPod and then go quickly to the Photos tab and deselect the iPhoto option (selecting the other option). Then, after this "photo-less" synchronization has taken place, select again iPhoto, but just select a couple of albums as a test.

    Hope this helps. Keep telling me how it goes. It will be helpful to know more about how your computer and your iPod are configured (hard drive capacities, RAM, space available, etc.)