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I'm sorry if this is an old question but I just cannot find the answer anywhere. I am aware that there is a patch for Zoo Tycoon 2 available through Macsoft but I just cannot get it to work.

I installed Zoo Tycoon 2 and i really enjoy it, but it crashes every couple of minutes and it is really frustrating! I downloaded both of the patches from the macsoft site and it says to "navigate" your way to you "zoo tycoon 2 files" - i've tried everything i can and it just says that the files i've selected cannot be used with the patch.

I've tried using the main Zoo Tycoon 2 folder on my Hardrive. the other folder is in my documents (for some reason) which is where it saves the main game folders but none of those work either - am i just being really dumb?

I'm desperate for some help. I've tried contacting Macsoft and they haven't responded. Please, please, please help!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    As above same problem i have a brand new MAC OSX Processor Intel with 2GB of memory...i got Zoo Tycoon 2 its great but keeps crashing downloaded and tried both the patches and said what i selected could not be used also tried Disk Utility to verify Disk was fine and have reinstalled and all...Please please tell me what to do...its such a cool game...Thanks!

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    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've actually just received a response from Macsoft about the problem. I assume your using a Macbook or you wouldn't be in this section. I've got a Macbook and they asked me a few questions about what version of zoo tycoon I was running (To do this, ctrl-click (or right click) on the Zoo Tycoon 2 icon,
    and select Get Info. In the section labeled General, right above the color label option, the current version should be listed).

    If you have 1.1 then there's a different patch you can install that they sent to me via email as their website sometimes loads to older patches instead. I used it and it has worked wonderfully! I still have it if you would like me to email it to you as an attachment. It's the 1.1.1 patch.

    Hope that's of some help!
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    Hey that would be great!

    I think thats what i need.

    my email is eidin@eidin.com

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    Hey yes i have version 1.1 really would love to get patch!

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    Hi, If you don't mind, I would love the patch also. I've just checked and I have version 1.1. Please let me know. Thanks!