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I cant seem to get a sync to complete. It gets through the contacts, calendar and also podcasts without issue, also TV shows no problem; however i have not been able to have it sync photos (and have not even gotten to music yet). I attempted a reboot and I have also let it continue to sync for over 2 hours without completion. But it just continues to hang. Inside itunes it just says Synching "enduro8".... so i have basically no idea where it is getting stuck, but i am assuming it is before photo sync.

Any ideas?
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    Also it does not seem to want to quit the sync either through itunes. the X button does not work up top and the eject button does not do anything. The only way to stop it is to do it on the iphone itself, but even after that itunes continues to say it is synching unless i kill itunes.
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    Worked great with my iPhone. When you are syncing, did the iTune says "Optimizing etc.."

    You could also cancel the Sync if you want from iPhone. If you experience the problem often try upgrading your windows(if you are using) once and rebooting.
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    uh, yeah i can cancel it from the iphone to get out but that does not solve the issue that it refuses to sync photos and it also refuses to complete a sync. No it never said optimizing anything.
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    I've got the same issue only I'm unable to cancel the sync from the phone or iTunes. My sync worked great the first time, but trying to update later hangs for hours. I've restored twice only to have the same issue.

    This is frustrating. I love this phone, but I'd love to resolve this issue even more
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    I forgot to mention that once this happens, I have to completely power of the locked up phone and turn it back on.
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    Same problems here. Have restored the software back to original settings. Fixed problem for one sync, then problem recurred.
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    Try setting the sync to only sync one item at a time. (turn each tab off except one) Seems photos are giving you guys problems. Try turning that one off and seeing if it works through all the other syncs ok.