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    I have a question for you...since you work for AT&T, and if you're willing to answer...

    I too have an iPhone but I can't get a signal where I live. I get a signal down the street (about 2/10 of a mile) but not at my house. I live on a hill which I've learned is a problem for AT&T GSM. I purchased a repeater antenna, installed it, but the signal didn't change. I actually don't get any signal bars at home when it is communicating to AT&T but most of the time it just says, "no service." I called AT&T customer service. The phone service rep reported the problem and said to call back in 24-48 hours if it isn't any better... She had nothing else to offer.

    Is there something else? Is there an alternative number or person or department at AT&T to call to get help. I think we need another tower in our neighborhood as nobody gets an AT&T signal.

    Please let me know...I'd hate to take back my phone due to a bad cell signal.

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  • JScott Level 2 Level 2 (220 points)
    Holding out was worth it. My husband worked on perfecting his address book and we worked on other things around the house. Then tonight, he had his address book ready, so we sat down to activate the phone, and had no problems, it was up in a few minutes and now we are experiencing getting blown away by how cool it is.

    I am sympathetic for everyone who had far greater issues than I did and for those who perhaps are still hung up from the beginning... but I am so glad we waited.
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    I think they should have followed Nintendo's, Sony's and Microsoft's strategy when they released their nex-gen video game systems. Releasing only a very limited amount of systems into the market place little by little. Heck, Nintendo is still doing it by letting only a few Wii's trickle into the marketplace at a time. Now that is what Apple and AT&T should have done with the iPhone and this also would have created a greater demand for their product.
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    My question is this. My activation took about 4.5 hrs. I was bit frustrated but it started working and i was happy. However I didnt realize until later that the iphone plan actually didnt transfer over. I have no text messaging, visual voicemail (actually not even a VM box now) and no data plan. Everytime I call in they say there is something on my acct which is preventing them from adding it on. However they keep telling me that the system wont let them remove it to add the appropriate features. This makes no sense to me. Just wipe my acct and start me over as new subscriber. Anyways I'm 48 hrs in on my ticket that IT has and is supposed to be fixed within 72hrs. I wont hold my breath though.
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    I work in Iphone activations and the biggest problem we've seen is this. One center that processes the iphone accounts is located over seas, for a few days one feature pack for the iphones wasn't able to be added. I'm guessing this was a result of incompetent people not knowing what they were doing.
    This is the thing, when you sign up for your phone, we at activations have to check for 4 things for security reasons on your account, last 4 digits of your SSN, zip code, the last 4 digits of the IMEI and SIM/ICCID. Once we verify these in our order manager and in your account we check for 3 more things to make sure your account was setup properly. A rate plan, and 2 features called 1apl and the other is mmv(1,2,or3) the MMV features are your multimedia features for text messaging, voice mail and such.
    Your phone can be activated without the mmv features being added but as of yesterday we had been told that the MMV features could all be added. The only problems we've seen that result in the MMV features not being added is if the user is on a blue rate plan and not on an orange. When thats the case they get directed to customer service to have their rate plan updated.

    If your phone works and you can make calls but other features such as text messaging and voice mail don't work then call customer service and ask if the MMV feature you selected is on your account.
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    Great post! Explains a lot. Chill people, you will get your phone activated, and the universe will continue to exist. Life goes on
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