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    I finally got mine activated at about midnight last night after calling in with a workorder number from one of the AT&T emails. Once I had that, everything seemed to move quick.

    I agree with those that say AT&T should not have purchased a ton of equipment for a one time event. Publically traded companies do need to worry about shareholders and lawsuits!

    However, a little advanced warning (hey folks, this is going to be big, please be patient, here's why...) would have gone a long way in avoiding the anger and frustration. In addition, a simple policy change -- tell anybody waiting more than x hours that we will compensate them by "fill in the blank" -- would have helped as well.

    I spent about 28 hours without a phone and my son, who I convinced to wait in line at an AT&T store for 7 hours to start his day, is still waiting.

    One thing I would like to make very clear. All the folks I talked to at AT&T and Apple were very professional and courteous. And given their position as the face of the companies they represent, they had, and are probably still having, a tough day / weekend. I could tell they were frustrated as well and probably could only say so much, following directions from above.

    All that being said, what a novel, well thought out and incredibly useful phone for my particular needs! Great job Apple! And good luck AT&T getting the ship righted and getting past the recriminations that probably await the headlines on Monday. Please, be honest and straight forward about the entire deal. Fall on your sword, and hand out some financial salve to those injured in all of this.

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    This may sound a little ignorant but with all the hype, promotion, advertising of the Iphone and the ATT merge with cingular, don't you think a huge company like att would have anticipated this a long long long time ago and added a few more switches? Tecnology only continues to grow and this will not be the last time people sign up for something in biblical proportions. Just a little frusterated in Florida. Hour 33 and still waiting.
  • Felix Martinez Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    Anitas - thank you for your response. However...

    Three questions:

    1) Was any thought given to the possibility that large numbers of customers would be trying to activate in a short span of time? If so, then this bottleneck was anticipated and AT&T made the decision not to do anything about it. If not, then AT&T failed to prepare for the largest rollout of a cellphone product in history (which had been known for months). Period.

    2) Did AT&T consider all the "older" voice plans that are not compatible with the iPhone activation? For example, I have an old AT&T-then Cingular voice plan and this has caused ongodly problems with activation (I'm still not fully activated - I have an iPhone that is unlocked but has no voice/data service). My experience is not unique. Nothing in the rate plan literature mentions that you have to be in the current National plan in order to enroll as an "existing customer" during activation, so customer service reps are having to churn older plans into the new National plans so that the iPhone activation can work. That's bait and switch if you ask me, even if it's being done to facilitate the process with the best intentions.

    3) Did AT&T consider the possibility that transfering cell #s from other carriers might create a problem during activation? If so, the infrastructure (customer service) didn't reflect it at rollout, and nothing in the literature indicates this could cause delays in activation. If not, then again - AT&T simply underestimated the biggest cellphone rollout in history.

    I absolutely put this fiasco at AT&T's feet. And you know what? People (and companies) make mistakes. But then don't give customers a hard time when they ask for their activation fees to be waived.
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    I decided that I didn't have to be the first on my block to own one of these precisely because I anticipated issues on AT&T's side. I've never had a happy experience at ANY cellphone store at any time. From the constant pressure to upgrade to the clueless kids that work there, I made a decision to just skip the whole thing and not tarnish my Apple love with the stink of a visit to a cell-phone store or worse, a call to the service center.

    I will enjoy my iPhone experience in a month or two at my leisure and when all parties are ready to help the customer.

    Remember you are dealing, on the phone, with who is most likely a temporary hire with a minimum of training for an anticipated but woefully underestimated rush of highly technical and complicated service plans. So take that into consideration.
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    i posted this in the "" forum and will post it here as well.

    "as of 7am sunday morning, est, still not activated.

    tried switching sim cards, but nothing, though i did get a confirmation number early this morning that i never got before.

    3rd in palm coast florida to get 8gb from att store. existing customer. went online at 630pm friday night to activate and got caught in endless loop.

    some good news:

    after talking to att tech support numerous times, they credited my account $8 -- not sure where they came up with that figure -- and then again last night, after finally losing patience (it had been 25 hours and counting) i insisted they refund me the $36 activation fee which they finally agreed too.

    spoke to an apple rep in jacksonville and he said if i am not activated by monday, i am more than welcome to return the phone with NO restocking fee. this is the last thing i want to do.

    long time apple fan...have waited for the iphone for months like everyone else here and have followed all the news, forums, etc.

    have not lost faith in apple or att -- they have been completely overwhelmed and no matter how prepared either of them have been, there of course will be hold ups, albeit long hold ups, with any new product. this is new for both apple and att, so there will be snags at both places.

    the att store was very nice to me through the entire buying process and on my returns has phone tech support, and apple as well.

    i have been without a phone since friday night and really don't expect to be up and running until monday afternoon. if not by then, then i will have to re-think my next move.

    i'm mostly writing to let those of you in the same situation as me know that you are definetly not alone - even if you aren't hearing from a lot of ppl -- some just haven't posted, like myself.

    i'll keep the faith until failure seems inevitable."

    i have as much right to be angry as any of you on here, but i chose not to be.

    if you are not happy with the product or the selling of the product, return it. you DO have that choice.
  • Gary Costello Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    hi anita
    2 things
    1 your name anger does not suit your obvious common sense
    well done
    2. if you worked for me and went to the trouble of supporting my company like that out of hours and beyond the call of duty
    i would pay for 2 iphones
    keep up the good work people with attitudes like yours get there reward eventually

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    I'm going to call B.S. on this. (36 hours and still waiting BTW).

    If there was such a backlog on the switch servers then why did my neighbor get activated straight away while I'm still waiting? Surely the request was sent to the same 'switch', did the monkeys that feed in the punchcards take their request over mine? In addition, there were probably no more than a million iPhones sold, none in the last 8 hours or so because the stores have been closed. With today's computers are you trying to tell me that 1M transaction could not be processed in 8 hours?

    This is just a mess, both Apple and AT&T should be ashamed of themselves for feeding such a line to their 'customers'.

    While writing this I finally got hrough to AT&T and told them I just wanted to start the proces again and I'd pick a new number. He said, OK I can fo that or I can activate you in 5 minutes. Five minutes later my phone works. Thanks T.J. for being the first person to not tell me a lie in the last 36 hours, but I think this just proves what I have been saying above. Keep calling AT&T I think they are getting it sorte out but it need manual intervention.
  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 Level 8 (41,080 points)
    Kenneth and pherplexed,

    Do you really want them spending time on apprising you of the situation rather than working on getting your iPhones activated?

    I doubt it.

    Please. Have a little patience. This, too, shall pass. I'm worried about people working themselves into a heart attack or stroke over this. In the whole fabric of your life, how big a deal is this, really? Can you get some perspective on this? It's not the end of the world. Not even close. Please relax a little, folks. It's coming, it's coming.
  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 Level 8 (41,080 points)
    If there was such a backlog on the switch servers then why did my neighbor get activated straight away while I'm still waiting?

    This is pure luck. That's all. What? You think they love your neighbor and hate you? No. Totally random who gets through when.
  • Lovin' Life Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)
    Anitas, can I play devils advocate? The problems aren't in the switch. It's your company. Switches operate at speeds not many can fathom. (Speed of light.) Handling activations is childs play.

    My guess is in the processing. I used to work for at&t and getting anything done was like trying to turn an aircraft carrier around. It always took forever. When I became a former employee I still had a pre Cingular AT&T Wireless account / phone. I opened my bill one month and what was supposed to be a $59.99 bill was well over 300 dollars. It took them over 2 months to sort that out. But that wasn't the only reason I changed carriers. It was all the dropped calls and the quality of the calls. Though I never heard it on my end, everybody asked if I was in the shower. What they heard was something that sounded like running water. However, my point is they turned that phone off in the blink of an eye but sorting out the bill was a nightmare! It took a loooonnnggg time. Again, the processing. Not the switch.

    The bottlenecking you are refering to happens when a carrier has over sold the capacity of what their network was built for. So in a sense I guess it could be the switch but I doubt it. I would think that your design engineers were ahead of the curve on that one. At least I would hope so.

    I hope everybody gets activated quickly so that they can enjoy their new phone. It looks really slick.

    Peace. Out.
  • Thomas Sanders Level 1 Level 1 (70 points)
    why is it that the sim card in the iPhone will work in my old treo but not in the iPhone? I am still waiting for activation. I am a AT&T customer and was just changing the data plan to the iPhone one. It has been over 36 hours now. AT&T to me it was Apple's fault as the SIM card is working. It is the iPhone that is not (because it is not activated)
    Mine will be returned Monday morning if it is not activated by then and I will HAPPILY go back to my Treo that never had this issue.
    Thanks Apple! Paid you $600 to make me feel like an idiot.
  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 Level 8 (41,080 points)

    I'm really glad you took the time to explain the technical issues facing AT & T. Thank you.

    Please, folks, don't turn this thread into a rant-fest. It needs to be here, and if you do that, the Hosts may remove the entire thread.

    Thanks again, Anita.
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    Guys - was just told that the problem is now a credit check (despite the fact that I am an existing AT&T customer). Further said that they can't do credit checks over the phone today, but I need to go to an actual AT&T store. Has anybody else run into this?
  • Lovin' Life Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)
    Guys - was just told that the problem is now a credit check (despite the fact that I am an existing AT&T customer). Further said that they can't do credit checks over the phone today, but I need to go to an actual AT&T store. Has anybody else run into this?

    HMMNYC - this sounds like a text book case of "lip service" to me.
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    I can confirm that VZW is not playing dirty - I started the activation process on Friday evening, porting from VZW to ATT and still no success. I just spoke with VZW this morning and they have still not received a porting request from ATT...
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