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Anyone figure out what the default PIN is for the iPhone SIM?
I have tried the old standards: 0000 and 12345.
With everyone else trying to solve REAL problems with activation, etc. I'm afraid to use my last attempt at guessing the PIN and joining the iBrick club.

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    Well, it sounds like the quickest way to set a SIM PIN is to lock yourself out.
    After spending about an hour on hold (over 4 phone calls), no one seems to know what the default SIM PIN should be.
    The last Apple specialist said the only thing they could find said the default was 0000. Even though I thought I had tried that one, I figured I must have typed something else the first time and tried the 0000 code for my 3rd and final attempt.

    Oops. Now I joined the iBrick club.
    For anyone who wants to know:
    1) If your SIM card gets locked out you can still get to the ipod functionality of the iPhone but not much else.
    2) Emergency Dialing with a locked out SIM does NOT allow all numbers to be dialed (as it does with a non-locked-out SIM), only REAL emergency numbers (although I didn't actually try dialing 911, I assume it would work).

    The incredible part about this whole thing is that once you lock-out your SIM by trying 3 wrong PIN combinations, it takes AT&T about 30 seconds to look up your PUK code and you have converted your iBrick back into an iPhone.

    Also, now that the AT&T wireless web site is working again, you can retrieve your PUK online from a link on your account summary page.
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    Bump - anyone know the default code - I would like to lock my phone when it is off. Also - where is the search capability for this forum?!?
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    I actually locked my SIM card Sunday evening and I was able to call the AT&T after hours emergency techincal support number (866 - 695 - 2750) who resolved my issue in less then 5 minutes.

    Try giving them a call and see if they are able to help you out.
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    Bump - anyone know the default code - I would like to
    lock my phone when it is off. Also - where is the
    search capability for this forum?!?

    You dont need the default code. Enter a wrong pin 3 times, lock yourself out, and then get the PUK code. You can get it yourself without calling AT&T by going to your My Account Page.

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    Answer: 1111

    1111 is the default sim card code for Cingular 90% of the time. I was in the same boat (1 attempt left before ibrick) and went through apple support and then att support. NOBODY was SURE, but the att guy seemed 90% sure it was 1111.

    I tried if on my last attempt, and it worked.

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    Just curious, what does locking your SIM card do and why would you do it?

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    Since your phone number and service is tied to your SIM, locking the SIM will prevent someone from using your service if they steal your phone.

    Note: This assumes that you remembered to power off your phone before the perpetrator stole your phone!

    Actually, If you take the second step and use the 4-digit password on your iPhone, then the perpetrator will need to take out the SIM and use it with a different phone. Once the SIM is removed, the SIM PIN will be required when the new phone is powered up.
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    sign onto your ATT/Cingular acct. identofy the phone and they will give you the PUK code! Its that simple. Its not 1111 or 0000..not a standard..each sim has its own PUK on the iPhone. Got mine just to have it by siging on to cingular acct and looking it up. Its registered when you activate the iPhone.
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    Thanks, 1111 worked - this should be included in the manual like all other phones...
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    1111 worked for me as well, this allowed me to set my own password for the SIM.
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    1111 worked for me too.

    thanks !

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    macbook pro, mac pro, powerbook   Mac OS X (10.4.10)   iphone, video ipod, nano, shuffle
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    did this last night.. the PIN is 1111. you can create a new password from there
  • smartblond Level 1 (70 points)
    you only need the PUK code if you lock yourself out if you have not done that use the 1111