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anchikaranachi Level 1 (0 points)
i got my iphone yesterday and trying to get it hooked/activated through my pc/vaio. for some reason, my pc can detected ipod but not iphone. i tried to upgrade the itune to v7.3 or reboot, reinstall....EVERYTHING. i went to the apple store around 2am wanted an apple technician to sort this out for me. they tried everything i had tried and didn't go any further. the only suggestions would be talk to someone who knows pc more(obviously not him) OR get a macbook. i don't mind buying a macbook but it's a bit too much to buy an iphone and a macbook on the same day no?
so. before i head towards a new macbook, could someone tell me what i can do to get my iphone befriend with my vaio?

besides, i activated my iphone at the apple store. at&t still processing my activation. the whole thing is SUPER frustrated....

please please help.....

vaio sz110, Windows XP
  • Larry Hummel Level 1 (5 points)
    my iphone was detected at first... now it is detected as a digital still camera and crashes either itunes or xp immediately .. on one occasion I went to a restore point and it worked once.. then failed again in the same way.. I've tried different usb ports differnt pcs different cables....any help?
  • ratcliffe65 Level 1 (15 points)
    Launch iTunes manually before you cradle your iPhone. See if this helps.
  • Jason L Community Specialists
    Hey anchikaranachi,

    This article: has some good tips.

    This article also will likely resolve the issue:

  • anchikaranachi Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks Jason. but i tried all those steps...still not so so super frustrating. i'm going to try it at the work computer in the office tomorrow. by the way, my account is not activated through at&t still ...the whole thing is a mess.
  • CasperGemini Level 5 (4,305 points)
    Make sure you're running Service Pack 2 on WinXP
    (Right click on My Computer from your Start menu, and click Properties)

    It's also helpful to connect the device directly to a usb on the rear of your pc tower (no hubs or extension cables).

    Also, go into Control Panel -- Add/Remove Programs
    Make sure Apple Mobile Device Support is installed
    If you don't see it listed, reinstall iTunes
  • anchikaranachi Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks again to casper gemini...
    my vaio runs on winxp sp2 and tried to connect iphone directly to the usb ports as well. basically i checked everything you listed and there must be something magical missing still. there must be. i have a strong faith in both my vaio and iphone.

    vaio sz110   Windows XP  
  • anchikaranachi Level 1 (0 points)
    ok.. i tried and tried. finally something is responding. the HARWARE UPDATE WIZARD showed up and ask to install the driver for iphone. i choose to install the software automatically and it responded me " hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software.

    what should i do now? anybody knows?
  • LESLIEx317537 Level 1 (0 points)
    Try it on another PC.
    My friends iPhone didn't work with his laptop. Mine did.

    He brought it to apple store, they plugged his iphone into a mac and it was detected. Then they tried it in his PC and it didn't work.

    They ended up exchanging it with a new one that wasn't broken! Now it works fine.
  • StudioDweller Level 1 (30 points)

    Sorry you're having problems. If you have not done it yet, try uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling. You can download a standalone iTunes installer from That should have an uninstall option in the installer. Post back if that does not work.

  • erik graham Level 3 (650 points)
    have you tried the obvious... So obvious that its one of those things that's really easy to overlook - Check your cable!

    I had the same issue, and then switched to my wife's iPhone cable and, it started working immediatly!

    Really frustrating cause my cable worked fine for the first hour or two.
    maybe a regular iPod cable will work for you.
  • anchikaranachi Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks leslie

    i don't have another pc around me nor macs. i'll do it when i get to the office tomorrow i guess.
    i went to an apple store last night, they said that it might be the problem of my pc cuz from their mac, the iphone got detected.
  • anchikaranachi Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks everyone who have tried to helped me so far.

    i got my phone activated through my office computer(a pc) successfully. still, my laptop just couldn't detect the iphone. tried to reinstall itune, swap cables, update xp service pack 2. the system still ask me for the driver. it's so weird. the only things that i can think of would be to format my computer or get a macbook. what should i do?
  • LESLIEx317537 Level 1 (0 points)
    O yea, also I forgot to tell you to try this.

    Since it's a laptop, the Power of the USB ports may be too weak.

    You can try buying a powered USB 2.0 Hub for like 30 buks, Belkin I reccommend, that plugs into the wall.


    You can get a PCMCIA adapter for the laptop, that has a power jack also, but the power jack comes with a small usb power cord that draws additional power from a USB port in addiction to the power from the PCMCIA card.

    It could be that the port isn't supplying enough power.
  • KodataRick Level 1 (0 points)
    i had the same experience. worked friday night, activation was a snap. saturday morning started receiving the old "blue screen of death" on my Dell M2010. went back to a restore point, worked once, then fails everytime now. tried all 4 usb ports, same results.

    Dell M2010   Windows XP Pro  
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