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Colleen Von Eckartsberg Level 1 Level 1
The phone "activated" immediately and I am able to do everything on it (mail, Internet, make outgoing calls) EXCEPT I cannot receive incoming calls. Incoming calls are still going to my old Verizon line which is still fully active. Am I just still in the middle of the process or is this a unique problem? (Its been about 20 hours since it "activated".

Also Is there any ATT/Cingular customer service number that works now?...They say they are closed...any help would be appreciated.
  • SjMulder Level 1 Level 1
    is your verizon phone off?
  • John Chu Level 1 Level 1
    You are still in the middle of the process.

    For myself, coming from Verizon, it took about 24 hours for the phone port to be completed.
  • beinkempew1 Level 1 Level 1
    You're port from Verizon will be complete when you get a txt from AT&T on ur iPhone and your incoming calls go there as well.
  • Colleen Von Eckartsberg Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks. I thought that BUT I did receive a text message from ATT right after the initial activation saying "welcome to ATT...". Any additional thoughts?
  • hyperdoc Level 1 Level 1
    I activated two phone - one for myself and one for my wife. They both were activated within 15 minutes of each other (1830 and 1845 on 6/30). My phone begain receiving calls at 0915 on 7/1 but my wife's still does not receive calls. Any ideas?

    AT&T rep said that since we did not "finish" syncing music and photos, it would not activate. I thought that was bull, and so did the Apple Geniuses. Still, we went home and finished the sync but no joy.
  • CasperGemini Level 5 Level 5
    This is something called Mixed Mode... basically, AT&T says you're good to go, but Verizon hasn't officially released your number for full use on the AT&T network. Just be patient.
  • JDF Level 1 Level 1

    My partners phone activated (after a long wait) and could place outgoing calls but could not receive incoming calls.

    First we powered down (hold down the hold switch on top and the home bottom on the bottom front at the same time for several seconds). Wait for it to power down and then power back up by hitting the hold switch on top. May take 20-30 seconds to completely reboot.

    Then dial your own number and set up your voicemail box. When I would call my partners phone, it would not ring and I would get a message the voicemail was not set up.

    Maybe it "fixed itself" while we did those two things -- but it worked after.
  • hyperdoc Level 1 Level 1
    I'm trying to do that, but my voicemail box doesn't seem to be working either. I had set up my phone's VM earlier, but when I go to the Phone > Voicemail, it tells me they don't have my number set up.
  • Colleen Von Eckartsberg Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks. Just tried this, but it just went into my old Verizon Voice Mail. I will have to call ATT tomorrow I guess.
  • ADAM_ Level 1 Level 1
    this is a 'normal' symptom of number porting. it takes awhile for the release -- i know from experience, this will fix itself.
  • Rick46 Level 1 Level 1
    I was on Cingular. My old phone went off withing 10 minutes of starting the process. I would also turn of the old phone completely.
  • fullbutter Level 1 Level 1
    this is NOT normal. I have a whole new setup with new numbers on two phones (family plan), and one phone works fine (after 24 hours waiting) and the other still does not receive calls. Everything else works. I can call, Email, etc.. Been playing ping pong with Apple and AT&T on who's to blame to try to correct it. Sounds like it AT&T. Was on again for an hour+ and they said they'd give me a call back WITHIN the hour, never heard from them. Not a good start to a two year relationship. Why can't they reset my activation so I can start again? Now they have a 60 minute wait to talk to someone.
  • ADAM_ Level 1 Level 1
    it is normal to receive calls on your old phone for a period if you are doing number porting, even though you can dial out on both.

    its just how the system works.
  • CasperGemini Level 5 Level 5

    Yours started working normally immediately because according to your post you created a new number on AT&T's network. It's different for those of us who are currently on another network, and porting the number over to AT&T for use on the iPhone. The other network needs time to release the number for full use on the AT&T network.