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I have an 07 GS350 and I had no problem syncing the built in Bluetooth to my Blackberry but I cannot figure out how to sync the iPhone...it seems to "see" the phone but I can't figure out how to put in the 1111 it asks you to enter...
Has anyone else figured it out or had a similar experience?

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  • Jack Bowell Level 1 (90 points)
    on the iPhone where it says the car name or whatever you see to the right it says Not Paired. Tap that line and it will open the password field to type in.
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    I paired my Lexus IS250 by going into the "Settings" feature of the phone into the "General" section and then by selecting bluetooth and turning it on -- it was off when I got the phone. Once I did that the iPhone asked me to enter the Lexus key and then once that was entered on the phone, the car and iPhone "paired". What I am having trouble doing is uploading my contacts list from the iPhone into the Lexus' phone management database. In the short term I manually entered a small group of important contacts.

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    i have a GS 350/330?? anyway it was paired with a azor..i went into settings on the car
    down on the menu..way down..it asks if you want to pair another phone..i agreed and followed the prompts that lead me very quickly to a passcode for the pairing and Viola..completed
    i am not sure what you have/have not done
    if this is confusing write back i am extremely familiar with this car & many others!
    good luck
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    i have an '07 Gs if i just responded to the original question on this topic with some info you might find helpful.
    i never lost my contacts when i went to pair this new phone. i don't know why anyone would
    keep me posted
    i would like to help, but not sure why this is so difficult . it is pretty straight forward. i am going back to my notes for the GS for pairing the phone originally..that i remember was not so simple!!
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    gs 450. no problem with pairing either
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    I've linked the iPhone with my 2007 GS350. You enter the 1111 on the iPhone after navigating Settings>General>Bluetooth. The Lexus should show up as Devices>Hands Free (at least mine did). Selecting the Device should allow you to enter the password. After entering the 1111, the iPhone showed Hands Free as Paired.

    If you figure out how to transfer the Contact list into the Lexus Phonebook, let me know.