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Hey guys. I'm using a Dutch azerty keyboard and I can't find the square bracket keys. I need 'em badly for programming. How can I type them?

mbp 2.4ghz, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    I don't see a Dutch azerty keyboard layout - the Dutch layout is qwerty and the square brackets are to the right of the p key.

    However, for the Belgian layout, which is azerty, [ is Shift-Option-5 and ] is Shift-Option-- (Shift-Option-Hyphen).

    You can hunt for keys yourself (do you remember the Classic utility KeyCaps?)- go to System Preferences > International > Input Menu tab and check the box for Keyboard Viewer. A flag should appear in your menu bar (if not, scroll down to your language and check the box there). Click on the flag in the menu bar and select Show Keyboard Viewer. A mini keyboard will appear, and you can hold down Shift, Option, Ctrl, or any combinations of them and the keys will show you what you get.

    Hope this solves your problem...
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    I'm sorry, I'm in the Flemish part of Belgium, so we speak Dutch but the keyboard layout is azerty.

    I followed your guidelines and indeed, a flag has appeared in my menu bar. However, if I click the flag I can't view the menu item "show Keyboard viewer". I only see an option to go back to the "international" system preferences.

    Thanks for the square brackets tip though. I'm a bit let down I need to use 3 keys to get what I want. Seems hard while writing some code.

    (i'm new to Mac)
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    Return to the International preference pane and confirm that the Show Keyboard Viewer box is checked (mine seemed to uncheck itself the first time).

    Glad to help...
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    Thanks a lot, that did the trick!!

    (still disappointed about the 3 keystrokes though!)