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The iTunes notifier (exclamation point at the farthest left)of the iTunes interface...that indicates a broken string...What is it called (so I can find faqs about them)? And most importantly, how can I remove ALL of the hundreds that have grown there other than one by one??
The exclamation point does not show until I try to play the tue...so I don't know which tunes will play until I try to use them.
Can anybody help with this?

Windows XP Pro
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    These "!" mean that iTunes can't find the song file. Do you have duplicates in your library--one working file and one "!" file? If you do, you can safely delete the "!" files.

    But, if these "!" files are supposed to be your library files, then you need to tell iTunes where to find the songs (the original location must have been changed).

    Unfortunately, this isn't that easy if you have playlists, playcounts, ratings, etc. that you're trying to preserve. If any of these things matter to you, then you'll have to individually point iTunes to the new song location for each "!" song you find. (There are some scripts out there that very smart people have written to try to make this process easier--but I haven't used them, so I have so recommendations or advice about them. You can search these forums (when the search feature is reactivated) to see if you can find help with this.

    If none of these external song "fact" things matter, then you can simply delete these "!" songs and re-import the folder where all your music is stored.
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    I can't keep up with all the ! marks appearing.
    They appear indiscriminately. When I check in my tunes/ itunes folder the files are still there.
    Click on file to play, delete previous listing in library and fine but eventually the same problem occurs.
    There doesn't seem to be any pattern to this.
    No sooner have I fixed one problem than another appears.
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    Thank you for the response. I understand what is happening (I have severed the link between iTunes and the file) and why (I have moved or changed the original file)and how to restore it.
    My problem is all the hundreds of LEFTOVER indicators of the missing files. I can remove them by hand by selecting them and clicking delete.
    The biggest problem with that is that UNTIL I select the tune, I don't know which ones are severed and which ones are intact.
    Is there no way to simply: REMOVE ALL SEVERED LINKS?
    (i actually have thousands because I sometimes reorganize my HD files or add information there.)
    Most appreciative of your help
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    I don't know of a direct way to do this, but there is a very talented person on these boards who writes scripts for these things. (Unfortunately my link to his pot of gold is broken---google stepped in and squashed him! HMMMMM!)

    Anyway, I have this link left:


    Please note these two links, esp.:

    Finds dead tracks in your library and makes a list of them: http://ottodestruct.com/itunes/FindDeadTracks.txt
    Removes dead tracks from your library (this one was actually written by Apple originally, I’m just including it for completeness): http://ottodestruct.com/itunes/RemoveDeadTracks.txt

    Please know that I have never tried any of these things--so I am in no way endorsing them! I truly don't know if they work! It's up to you to test the waters!

    Good Luck!
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    Click on the column with the exclamation points to see if you can sort that column. If so, then click the first one holding down the shift key & scroll to the last one and click, still holding the shift key, and all should be selected. Then hit delete. That'll remove the bad listings from the library.

    It's really important that anytime you want to move, rename, delete or add songs to your iTunes library that you do it within iTunes. ITunes only keeps track of what happens while you're using the program. If you use Windows Explorer or similar to make changes, iTunes doesn't record those.

    If you want to rebuild your entire library to add any files on the hard disk that are missing from the iTunes library, there are other posts on the topic or send me a message and I'll tell you how.
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    Thank you samdogmom
    I did followed your addresses but found only incomprehensible "script" on them. I do not know how to translate the hieroglyphics I found into any kind of action.
    But I appreciate the attempt.

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    Hello mikeoak840
    Thanks for the expression of your urge to help.
    My original question was how to: REMOVE ALL broken links.
    Musicmatch allows this, but it doesn’t seem that itunes can.
    The only way I know to accomplish this is as you suggest; find, select, delete.
    …but until the exclamation mark appears (which it frequently does NOT do until I try to play it) I do not know they are broken links…and I have thousands.

    If I move a music folder in my hard drive with a hundred folders in it, and 15 or 20 files in each of those folders, I have 2000 broken links.
    My hope was that there is a way to REMOVE ALL (broken links), including those without the exclamation points.
    Failing that, if there was a way WITHIN the itunes library to move or add information to the original file in my hard drive I would not have this problem.
    And I could retain my tag information as well. But there does not seem to be any way to do that.


    But thanks for your generosity of thought.
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    sigh read the top of the script! <pre>/* Rename me to FindDeadTracks.js
    Double Click in Explorer to run</pre>