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Joshua Reisner Level 1 Level 1
i didn't see this posted yet, and i checked about 20 pages of topics, so here goes:

my phone will intermittently jump back to the home screen while i'm in the middle of doing something--it's as if the home button were pressed, although i'm certain i'm not doing that. the difference is, if i'm playing music and i press the home button the music keeps playing, whereas when this happens, the music stops (it's like it forgets what it was doing). this will happen sporadically and it doesn't seem to matter what the activity is; it happens while checking mail, making notes, checking maps, etc.

i don't think there's anything wrong with the hardware, it just seems to be nervy or something (my scientific diagnosis). does anyone else out there have this problem?

iphone, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • HeyJP Level 4 Level 4
    That would happen when the application you are running crashes. The iPhone Operating System is elegant enough to gracefully recover when an application crashes without taking the whole phone with it.

    I've had that happen several times browsing in Safari while the iPod side is playing in the background. Both Safari and iPod crash and the screen goes back to home.

    Also, I've had Mail do it several times as well.

  • Bob VanOrden Level 1 Level 1
    After a re-boot that problem has stopped on mine (8 Gig).
  • Jason L Community Specialists Community Specialists
    Hey Joshua,

    I would reccomend resetting the iPhone as described here:

    If that does not resolve the issue restore the iPhone.

  • Fredrrr Level 2 Level 2
    Mine did that when I was in Maps. I powered off the phone and powered it back on (hold down the top botton). That solved my problem and I did not have to restore.
  • Jennifer B. Level 1 Level 1
    Same issue here. It just started today. I bought my phone Sunday afternoon. I hadn't turned it completely off...as in a reboot/restart until today. I'm thinking that these iPhones might be a little like a computer in that a good old fashion restart does wonders.

    On the other I've been having an issue with Mail seemingly not sending my mail. It does that thing where it goes to send and then BOOM jumps to the Home page. I go back to mail and try to send again. Same issue. A restart did NOT resolve this issue. However, when I went into my actual sent mail on the computer I found that it had in fact sent...it also sent as many times as I tried to send from Mail. That means the person I was sending to got that many as well. This issue didn't happen until today. Monday it was fine. Maybe it's Yahoo?

  • DMAD Level 1 Level 1
    I had the same problem today. Yahoo mail has been a little erratic today... until yesterday, push mail from yahoo had been working beautifully... I can't say the same today though... I hope yahoo fixes their issues quickly and so does apple. I thought macs were very reliable....
  • xavier Pilsudski Level 1 Level 1
    worked for me too
  • Joshua Reisner Level 1 Level 1
    Wow, thank you everybody. You were right -- I restarted and all is well. Muchas Gracias!!!
  • jjagogo Level 1 Level 1
    I've seen this as well in safari and google maps, and it's when the application crashes. When I connected to iTunes today, it wanted to download a crash report. The tried to hide the meaning a bit, I think the message was something like 'There is diagnostic information on the phone to send to Apple'. I think there will be many revs of the firmware...