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I have contacts around the world and want to ensure the iPhone can correctly dial numbers whether in the USA or the local country. How should I enter their phone numbers into contacts?

For example, a contact in the UK would be +44(0)1484-662882. From the US iPhone should dial 011 44 1484 662882, from the UK iPhone should dial 01484 662882. However, you can't enter "(" or ")" into a phone number.

Also, how does international assist know a phone number is a US number?

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    instead of (011) you just use the + symbol. So a uk number would be +44...
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    instead of (011) you just use the + symbol. So a uk
    number would be +44...

    Yes I understand that bit, it's the next zero that's bothering me. From the US it should drop the zero, from the UK it's required.
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    Yeah, I've had that problem before, but the only way I got around it was to have two numbers in the contact, one for dialing from the US, and one for dialing when I'm in the UK.

    Also, international assist will know it's a US number if you enter your US numbers as +1 xxx xxx xxxx. I've been doing that as I add contacts for the last year or so, and virtually all of mine now are in that form.
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    Thanks for your help.
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    I've found the only workaround (and this is on any phone, not just your iPhone) is to enter the numbers twice in contacts -- I usually mark one home (for USA) and one work (for while in Europe) and enter the separate numbers under both. This is the same problem on Windows Mobile devices. It takes a few moments to do it on your computer, then sync it on over. But it works.
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    Will work everywhere.