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I wanted 3 tracks to copy to iTunes as one, but I copied them already to iTunes before I realized I had to combine them before I copy them. Fine, so I deleted them and tried it again, and the option to combine the tracks is still grayed out. Do I have to delete every track I've copied from the CD then try again? That would really blow. iTunes used to be such an easy program to operate. This is really shocking. Anyways, what's the solution, if it's out there? Thanks in advance.

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    There is software out there and command line tricks you could use in order to splice the tracks together, but in the end it would be simpler to just rip the CD again.

    Now that iTunes and new iPods have gapless playback, this feature isn't of much use. I'm assuming you have an iPod that doesn't support gapless playback or you're using another portable player, making an MP3 CD, or something of that nature...
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    not at all. So far, what I've found is that unless the tracks are in order (i.e. I want track 3,4 and 5 combined to make one track) I can't do it. What I want is to get three interludes that are several tracks apart, combined to 1 single track so that all three interludes play continuous once in my iPod's random track selecting.
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    OK, I understand. If you're good at using Garage Band, you can splice the tracks (with or without chapter markers) there, or you can simply use Join Together (much easier).

    If you use Join Together, a good tip is to start out with lossless files ripped from your audio CD, since the program will use QuickTime to encode the output file.
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    lossless? So, how would I rip them to my hard drive then? Could I use iTunes to rip them as a lossless file? Thanks!
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    just set iTunes' importing preference to "Apple Lossless" then RIP.