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I have turned off the "auto-sync" option in iTunes, so that every time I plug in my iphone, it won't automatically sync, and it will allow me to sync manually at my discretion. When auto-sync is turned ON, iTunes starts automatically when the phone is plugged in, and it opens to the appropriate iphone sync screens, specifically the Summary tab. However, it doesn't work this way when auto-sync is turned off. Somehow, you have to open the sync screens in itunes manually. But.... HOW???

How do I get to that iphone Summary tab when I want to sync manually?? I plug my phone in, and I manually start iTunes, but I am not seeing any choices or options to open the iphone "Summary" tab. It is nowhere to be found!. I have navigated all over that program trying to find how to open the iphone sync screens, and I cannot find a way! Help!! Anybody....?


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