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There is no option in iPhone for MMS , Please if anybody know please let me know

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    Theres no option because it's currently not possible.RTFM


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    Well, not directly true though literally accurate.

    You CAN send mms messages, but they have to go through your e-mail. Search this forum for MMS e-mail addresses.

    In general, the format (from your e-mail) is:



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    Post from http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2007/07/11328/
    ****** of that you can’t send an MMS from the iPhone? Although we are fairly certain that the feature will surface in an update sometime in the next month or two, there is a work around that will enable pseudo MMS capabilities to your iPhone.

    Since you can email pictures you have taken, to send a picture to any cellphone just email it to the recipients MMS email address. All you will need to do is enter the recipients 10 digit number into the appropriate carrier field.

    US Based Carriers:

    Alltel = xxxxxxxxxx@message.alltel.com
    AT&T = xxxxxxxxxx@mms.att.net
    Boost Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@myboostmobile.com
    Cingular (AT&T) = xxxxxxxxxx@mms.mycingular.com
    Einstein PCS = xxxxxxxxxx@einsteinmms.com
    Sprint = xxxxxxxxxx@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    T-Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net
    US Cellular = xxxxxxxxxx@mms.uscc.net
    Verizon Wireless = xxxxxxxxxx@vzwpix.com
    Virgin Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@vmobl.com
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    RTFM????? Jimbo...lighten up there buddy. Some of us have Read The F'ing Manual and are just in pure disbelief that this MultiMedia Device is incapable of sending MultiMedia messages. It's not like AT&T is not capable. I don't know one person among my friends/co-workers who can't MMS...except my fellow iPhone owners. I use MMS every day, several times a day for work.

    Hi Ron, thanks for the info about the "wirelessnumber@mmm.att.net", but it just doesn't work. A friend tried to e-mail a pic from his phone to my "wirelessnumber@mms.att.net and all I get is a text message in the SMS app that has his "wirelessnumber@mms.hiscarrier.net" with a subject line....and no picture. Sending a message from just a regular e-mail account to "wirelessnumber@mms.att.net" is also a bust. Perhaps we have to set up a new "mail" account for our "wirelessnumber" e-mail address on our phones...

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    OK.. what about receiving images tho?? I have had several people try to send me photos in sms and I get nothing! How do I retrieve them or are they just gone??.. surely my friends arent going to try to send to some rediculous email address they have to try to remember.