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I have recently been experiencing problems with my airport. First of all it would lose the signal from my netgear router and my neighbours' routers; for a short period of time and then for no reason, find it again. This happened for about a month or two. Now, my airport just says "No airport networks in range"

Does this mean my Airport card is broken? I now have the router next to my mac so that I can use the ethernet connection and still the airport does not pick up any signal.

I would appreciate any help with this

Should i buy airport extreme and if so, what do I need to buy.

i-Mac 400mhz PowerPC G3, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
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    have a friend with a laptop (preferably running the same os as you) come over and try connect. If they can, your card is broken and can be replaced fairly cheaply i believe. If they cant, but can connect via ethernet cable like you can, the wireless antenna could be broken, or the settings stuff up... but it is more likely to be broken.

    If you have to, try bringing your laptop to an area with free wireless (maybe starbucks) and try to connect there. If you cant, it would also hint that your airport is broken.

    You could probably skip both these steps by going to your local apple store, and try joining their wireless network (they should have one) to see if its your router or your airport card.
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    If you have your internet hooked up via ethernet cable, you don't need the use of the Airport Card because you are not going wireless from your computer to the Netgear Router. Your internet goes straight to your computer from the router. If you are saying you get no internet at all utilizing the ethernet connection, I would think you have another problem. Go up to the Airport Icon on the menu bar and turn off your Airport. You didn't say whether your Netgear Router was wireless.
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    Thanks. This is my first time on this forum. I am using my netgear wireless router through my ethernet connection because my airport won't pick up any signals. I would prefer to use wireless access to the internet so that i don't have a phone lead running through my home.

    I have asked a friend to pop round with his laptop so we can test my airport card etc, but I think i am going to have to try and get hold of a new card.
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    TiltonRoadEnd, Welcome to the discussion area!

    (1) Ensure that the Netgear is operating in an 802.11b compatible mode.

    (2) Try configuring the Netgear so that is it using a channel between 1 and 11.