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Very often I receive Mails containing attachments that look like this:


They all have in common that the names of the attachment contain umlauts like ÖÄÜ or special chars like ".
Every other mail client I tried, like entourage, thunderbird, our kerio webmail applicaton shows the attachment in the right way, but mail fails miserably.
It does not matter to send the mail as a windows attachment or to choose any other format like plain text or so.
As I have learned this problem has nothing to do with html formatting but is caused by something called quoted-printable...
Any help for this one anywhere?

imac, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
  • Oliver Kess Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)
    As noone seems to have a clue, I try to solve it on my own.
    The current mailversion is lame and poor and is the cause for this problem.
    The following things have to come together to reproduce this problem.
    A mail needs an attachment its name must contain special chars like äöü or something like " and its name must exceed 32 letters including its file extension.
    Bang, you receive a mail with a garbeld attachments like mentioned in the message above.
    The 10.5 Mailversion seems to be fixed, all previous versions contain this bug. Entourage does not have it, Thunderbird does not have it, not one serious mail application has this bug. Please note this: I mentioned Entourage and serious in one sentence... But even this app is better..