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I have Gmail set to NOT delete messages once they are received by a POP client. This works because Mail.app (Mac) will not receive that message again even thought it's still on the POP server. It knows that it already got it and that I don't need to see it again. Is Mail on iPhone that sophisticated? Does it know that something has already been read? Or will it continue to download the same message even after I have read it?
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    The iPhone POP mail client will download mail even if its been read by another client unless you change the behavior of the GMail inbox using the web interface. You can have GMail either leave the mail in the inbox (to be downloaded again), archive it, or delete it once its been accessed via POP.

    I have mine setup where if I access GMail from my desk, it downloads everything and does NOT leave a copy on the server. My desktop PC is my "main" PC, where I store all my email. If I am out and about, I read my mail on the iPhone, but I have it set NOT to delete it from the server. That way I read it on the iPhone, and delete it all (unless I need to use it while I am out). When I get back to my desk it downloads all email to my desk, most of which has already been read.