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My 5g 80GB ipod is less than a month old and something has gone wrong with the headphone jack. It's not the headphones - I've tried 3 different pairs. It sounds like there's a short - sometimes it plays for a little while, then cracks up and stops. If I wiggle the headphones where they're connected, sometimes is works again, but not usually. Anyone else have this issue?

macbook pro   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  
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    I was having a headphone problem with my new computer last night. My headphones quit working, but they worked ok with my ipod and other devices. I found I must have disabled them somehow accidently because I found a settin, I think in i tunes to restore them, and then my headphones worked fine, but if your headphones work on and off, it may be a hardware problem.
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    Eberica I think I might have the same problem as you. Mine is I plug in my headphones and then it goes into pause mode I have to push play again for me too hear anything. I can listen for a few seconds then off it goes again sometimes it work for a min or two but it will go to pause again. I tried to play it in my car but it also does it with that extensions so I am not sure if it’s the iPod or what. I came home to do a reset did it and will try later today too see if that helped if it dose I will let you know that why you can try it and I hope it works for both of us. I also read someplace on this site that we should fully charge our iPods that it might help but like I said I will tell you if it helped so I did both.
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    Sounds like you have a broken headphone jack. Either take it to your nearest Apple Store and make a Genius Bar appointment and have it swapped out, or send it here for repair: http://depot.info.apple.com/ipod/