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Ok, I have a paypal account. However, I just use it with my bank account and do not have a credit card on file.

What I want to do is register my paypal account with my itunes account and use my paypal balance to purchase songs.

However, everytime I click the paypal option on my account preferences, it takes me to my paypal account in which I must register a credit card - which I don't have.

I would prefer to use my paypal balance to purchase songs anytime I don't have a balance from an itunes card.

Is there any way that I can use a paypal balance to purchase songs from itunes? Thank you.

Windows XP

Windows XP
  • hangman300 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Never mind, I'm answering my own question. I should have searched for it first.

    Found it on an itunes support page.

    Do I need a credit card to pay for music using PayPal?

    A credit card is not required. However, if you do not wish to add a credit card, you must add a debit card or add and confirm a bank account before you can send money with your PayPal account. Learn more about adding funding sources.

    So with no plastic to even register, I guess I can't even use paypal.