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I am so frustrated I want to throw my iphone out the window. I have been trying all morning to get my iphone to sync with my PC (Windows XP Pro with SP2). I have done everything - uninstall itunes, reinstall itunes, turn iphone off, turn back on, change to different USB port, reboot PC. All to no avail.

When I plug my iphone into its dock, itunes might... or might not... start. It seems very haphazard, and I have itunes set to start automatically. I constantly get a pop-up indicating a camera has been connected. That just gets in the way, and usually hangs when I hit "Cancel." If I load itunes manually, sometimes my iphone will show up on the source list.... sometimes it won't. If I am lucky enough for it to show up, it starts syncing -- then stops after transfering a few songs from my library. And I get a message that says "Attempting to copy to the disk "XX's iPhone failed. The device timed out."

And sometimes it won't sync at all -- I get a message instead that says... "The iPhone "XX's iPhone" cannot be synced. The required disk cannot be found."

What is going on here? Can anybody help me??!!

PC   Windows XP Pro  
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    Have you tried connecting the iPhone directly to the iPhone cable and not through the dock?

    You mentioned restarting the computer, but have you shut it down and left it off at least 30 seconds, and then started it back up?

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
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    I'm replying to my OWN post here... Good grief! I fixed the problem. It was the USB port. I went into the device manager in Windows and it listed a device called "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver". I checked the properties and selected "Update Driver." -- and it downloaded a driver update. After rebooting, it appears my problems are fixed. I am getting constant communication now from my USB 2.0 port that is connected to my iPhone.

    To others who have experienced this issue, your problem may be solved by doing this!

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    I get the same error that the device timed out. Also, most of the time, the computer does not even pick up that the device is connected.

    I have tried only syncing with iTunes and not Outlook, limiting my music, updating my drivers, reinstalling iTunes and multiple reboots on both the computer and the phone. Nothing seems to help. I am bummed.