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This is similar to a problem that appeared before, but with a different twist.

On 4 July all was well. On 5 July I switched on and there was no "chord" from the Mac. When I collected my mail - no sound from my speakers (which are part of my screen). Logged on to a couple of sites - no sound.

The System Profiler, under the "Audio (Built In)" category, says: "No Built-in Audio." I know that's wrong because it's always worked before and when I plug my headset in it works fine.

When I go to the Sound preferences panel in System Preferences, it finds the headset but if I unplug that it finds nothing.

I tried running the hardware test (by putting in the OS X install disc and holding D during startup.) It couldn't find a problem.

So, as far as I can see, audio output is fine for the USB headset output but not for the others. Is there a simple fix? The nearest Apple store is about 200 miles away and I don't fancy the idea of posting the Mac off.

(And I think it's still under warranty for a couple more weeks.)

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    Hi o i c-

    Greetings and welcome to the Apple boards.

    Does this article about no audio help?


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    Thanks for the advice, and the welcome - there's a lot to find out about here!

    I went to the Audio Output setting. It was at 44100 (2ch-16bit).

    I don't think it's of any importance that the Volume Slider for M seems to be at zero, although 1 and 2 are at about halfway, but it says that my System Settings are all defaulting to my USB Headset (ie that that's all there is) which would help explain why no sound I suppose, but doesn't explain why.

    Mac mini   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  
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    Hi o i c-

    Sometimes changing the setting and changing it back works.


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    Hello again,

    Nope. I think part of the problem is that I don't seem to have any audio apart from USB. The built in audio has disappeared. I think, on the basis of knowledge you could put on the back of a stamp, that I either have to dig it up/uncover it from where it is, or put a new one in. The practical side of all that is, however, a mystery to me.

    o i c
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    I know this will sound a bit silly, but try running Garageband, playing one of the sample tracks provided, and then quitting it. This has been known to resolve 'lost' audio of this sort.
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    All suggestions gratefully received, but couldn't get a sound from Garageband (even on phones) and built-in still missing!

    o i c
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    hi, sounds reallly scary, try starting up
    in safe mode, holding SHIFT after turning on.
    then you can check the preferences.

    other thing is to use fsck

    check this link:


    good luck!
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    The Mac mini (Intel) is incredibly cramped inside. It has three connectors from the main logic board to other parts.

    (I am ignoring the WiFi daughter board.)

    There is a small 2 wire connector at the front, a large edge connector from the logic board to the removable plastic part (which amongst other things contains the hard disk and DVD drive), and at the back a small plastic flat ribbon cable.

    I can't be sure, but the small plastic ribbon cable at the back might be the culprit in your case (in that it has come loose).
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    hello mini users with the "no audio output" problem
    it seems that there are faulty output jacks in the macbook and the mac mini
    there are two things you can try:

    i tried everything and began thinking about what new software i had installed. it was "macam" which enables you to use older webcams on OSX. i needed that to use my webcam on skype.
    macam installs a file called "macam.component"
    if you have the same, do this - take that file out of:

    (your hard drive)/library/quicktime - macam.component

    and just put it on your desktop
    restart, then in your sound pref's choose your audio output (if doesn't work restart again)
    the first time i took it out, i had my sound back instantly, another time i had to choose audio output in sound prefs. you kind of have to try different things. after you get your sound back, you can put back "macam.component" to use your webcam.
    it seems macam causes the problem, the two can not work at the same time.

    the second thing: if you dont have "maccam" try plugging and unplugging output jack a few times and restarting until you have sound.
    the problem still could be with the OSX 10.4.10 update / quicktime...or maybe even a hardware problem like others with macbooks were saying (with the red light), not sure.
    people with macbooks and who have the red light on, say to use a paperclip to turn off the switch inside.
    my mini does not have a red light on. i tried using a paperclip but it doesnt work.

    hope this helps, beleive me i feel your pain!!!!
    what good is a computer without sound?
    extremely annoying problem that i hope apple looks into and fixes
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    Hello all.

    I was trying to not let it bug me, but it only worked for a while!

    Thorm, I went into Disk Utility and ran it and it said Volume needed repaired but the Repair Disk button is dimmed. Any thoughts on how to move that one forward.

    John, what you say may well be true but there is no way I'm risking diving in there. I can change a plug but my technical skills stop shortly after that.

    Andrew/Anynewdream, you may be on to something. Beacause the Mini doesn't have a cam I got an IceCam from Macally for my webcamming. I had a bit of difficulty tracking it down, but I've removed IceCam Driver Install from the Library to the Desktop. Still have only USB as my audio output though. The timing is about right though.

    Still grateful for any suggestions. As I say I have perfect sound on the headphonesbut no other audio output.

    o i c
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    hello oic,
    im still having this problem. today i cant seem to find the right combination of unplugging cam / restarting / taking driver out of quicktime folder, etc.
    nothing seems to work
    ive really had it with this problem

    other minis out there with the same? was there a recall? can i get it fixed???

    oic - so you have audio output through headphones??? i cant even get that. the headphone / speaker jack is not working at all - NO SOUND!!!
    what do you mean - "Still have only USB as my audio output though. The timing is about right though."
    are you using something like Griffin iMic for your audio?? if so i would think that headphones AND going out to a stereo would work

    i dont think reapairing the disk will solve the audio problem
    but it says you need to (for possible other reasons), so use your startup/software install dvd and run disk utility from there.
    let me know if this helps, or you have a solution to this unbelieveably annoying problem.

    TO OTHERS: anyone have a fix for this?? its driving me crazy
    thanks in advance - andrew
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    Yes, I am now having this problem. Started when my wireless bluetooth keyboard was not able to connect. Looks like there was an update from Apple that caused the keyboard problem, could it be affecting the sound now as well.

    I have had numerous problems with my Mac Mini and being a first time buyer of an Apple computer find this to be a frustrating experience I will not be taking again.

    The optical drive on this machine is the worst!!!
  • Daniel Drago Level 1 Level 1


    All i wanted to do was listen to some itunes... but i'm meet with this wierd, seemly misformatted audio... And i know it's not any setting, all i have to do is unplug my headphones, and the sound plays normally from my unit's built in speakers!!!! Any fixes for this issue? Out of my 90 day warrenty and trying to avoid the protection plan.
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    hello you two, (sundaymorning and daniel)

    is it really the same problem?? NO AUDIO OUTPUT"??
    did either of you upgrade your RAM recently?? or have your mini worked on?
    someone advised me that they had my same audio problem and suggested that it was because the ribbon cable was disconnected. his name is john:

    I had a similar problem the first time I upgraded the memory in a Mac mini. In my case it was due to accidentally dislodging the small ribbon cable at the back that goes from the main logic board to a small daughter board containing the sound chip.

    It would probably be worth taking the case of your Mini apart and checking this, you don't need to go as far as removing any parts (as you would if installing memory) since you should be able to see the ribbon cable without doing so.

    The third picture down on this page http://www.applefritter.com/MacMini_Take_ApartGuide shows the ribbon cable I am referring to. It is about an inch wide and is in the top left corner of the Mac mini. The article even goes on to say it is a common mistake.

    after reading this i opened my mini and discovered that the ribbon cable was not secrured properly, it was connected but theres a plastic clamp thing that holds it down. so i put it down and so far so good - NO AUDIO PROBLEM.

    hope this helps!!! i feel your pain

    ps - sundaymorning: macs are great!! please dont lose faith