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heartbreak_bronco12 Level 1 Level 1
My iPod doesnt have enough room and it did make a playlist but it doesnt add my new songs to my iPod but it does say I have them in my Library on iTunes.
  • Lougoose Level 4 Level 4
    I am not entirely sure what you mean, but here is what I think it is. If I am wrong, please post back with more details and different wording!

    I believe you have an iTunes library that is larger than the iPod can fit. Then when iTunes asked you if it should automatically pick songs to add to the iPod, you said Yes.

    Well, if you have an iTunes Library larger than your iPod, you have a few options.

    1. Set the iPod to Manually Update music. This will let you simply drag and drop songs/playlists/artists/etc. onto your iPod through iTunes. It also lets you individually delete songs.

    2. Set the iPod to Automatically Sync Only Selected Playlists. This setting will keep the iPod automatically updating, but allows you to choose what songs you want. So you can make a few playlists (or just one) and tell the iPod to only sync those songs.

    3. Set the iPod to Automatically Sync All Songs, but also set it to Only Sync Checked Songs. This means that you can go through your entire Library and simply uncheck the songs you do not want on your iPod. It will automatically sync the rest.

    I hope this helps! Post back if you would like any more details/information about any of these methods!