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After I finally got everything working I loaded 10 pictures onto my Iphone and it worked great.

Since then I have created new libraries. One for my Ipod and one for my Iphone. Now I don't have a Photos Tab. I don't seem to be able to download any photos. I also uploaded my photoes into Photoshop and I think it deleted them because all of the photoes are gone. When I try "add a file" and select the photos it does nothing.

Any ideas would be appreciated as to how I get the photos tab back.
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    I finally figured it out but as with everything with Itunes it is not nice. What a horrible piece of software. Apple should be ashamed!
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    Mind sharing what you fixed/changed?
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    Mind sharing what you fixed/changed?

    Yea, I would like to know also
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    Just because you cannot navigate simple software does not mean the software <edited by host>. There is a section for photos where you choose which albumns to put on your phone. iTunes also has a support page that can help you with navigating and organizing your media if you get confused by the simple interface and ease of use.

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    Wow kind of harsh. I downloaded the 124 page manual and read it from cover to cover. I have noticed that the people on this site are very harsh. What happened to helping others. Yes in most cases it is a lack of information and user error, but that is no reason to be so harsh. If your not going to be helpfull just say it to yourself and don't put in writing how nasty you are.

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    Yes people can be harsh on these discussion boards.

    I hear ya loud and clear in regards to your disdain for iTunes. I happen to love the software. However, I feel your pain. Ever since the recent iTunes/iPhone support update I have had more problems with itunes related issues than ever before. I think it's just a really "buggy" update.

    The good news is Apple is quick with fixing internal errors so I would expect an iTunes update soon. In the meantime just be patient and give Apple/iTunes a fair chance to correct any issues.
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    1. Make sure that your iPhone is connected to iTunes 7.3 and shows up on the left of the screen.

    2. Click on the iPhone in devices.
    3. The iPhone screen should open.
    4. Click on the photos tab.
    5. Change "Sync Photos From:" to the source of your photos.
    6. I created a directory on my PC and put the photos I wanted to transfer into the folder.
    7. I then selected "selected folders" and checked the folder with the pictures.
    8. I then selected "Sync" in the lower right corner and it transfered the photos to the phone.

    This is different than all the other transfers in it does not transfer anything to iTunes it just tansfers from the source to the device.

    Lte me know if you have problems and I will try to help.



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    Also, I have Photoshop Elements and it comes up when I connect the iPhone. I let it copy the pictures from my iPhone and didn't realize that I had Elements set to delete when completed. It deleted all the pictures from my iphone. I added them back using the method above.