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Is there a way to "forget" a recently joined network so that your computer will not automatically log-on to it? Once when our network was down I joined an open wireless network so I would have some internet access, but all our administrative stuff is IP restricted to be accessed only from our password protected network.

I like the feature that remembers previously joined networks and automatically logs me on, so I don't want to disable that feature completely (as described here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=2443162&#2443162 ) and I have it set to ask me before joining an open network, but since I have already agreed to join this one undesirable network once, I can't find a way to keep my laptop from joining it automatically.

Thanks for any replies.


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  • Macthuselah Level 1 Level 1
    Go to System Preferences -> Network.

    At the top of the Network pane select "Airport" from the "Show" drop down.

    Select the network you want to "forget" and click the minus button at the bottom of the window.

    Click "Apply" to confirm your selection when closing the window.
  • Lewis Pennock Level 2 Level 2
    Ah, that answers it perfectly. Thanks! I now remember that I had done that a long time ago, but I must have joined another network with the default name "linksys" so every time I do that I'll have to remember to delete "linksys" since there are a lot of networks out there with that name.

    Thanks again!