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i'm using the apple mail program and recently my incoming junk mail has disappeared visually from the junk mail window. i can tell it's still coming in daily, because the sidebar (with in + out mailboxes, drafts, junk etc) shows a constantly changing amount in junk mail. however, when i click on junk mail in the sidebar (which today notes 137 junk mails) the window itself shows none and actually reads "0 messages". does anyone have an idea how to fix this? thanks for any advice in advance!

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
  • mstac Level 1 (15 points)
    I can suggest to rebuild the mailbox.
    Select Junk, then menu Mailbox > Rebuild.

    It sometimes fixes problems...
  • David Gimeno Gost Level 7 (20,775 points)
    The problem is probably that the mailbox has lost the .mbox suffix in the filesystem.

    Can you rebuild this mailbox, or does the Mailbox > Rebuild command appear greyed out when the mailbox is selected in Mail?

    What type of mail account is this (POP, IMAP, .Mac)? If IMAP or .Mac, what are your Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors > Junk settings?

    BTW, if you’re running Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther), as your profile indicates, it would have been more appropriate to discuss this in the Mail & Address Book - Mac OS X 10.3 & earlier forum. If the discussion applies to both Mail 1.x and Mail 2.x, it doesn’t really matter, but it’s difficult to know that in advance. Mailbox Behaviors, for example, is called differently (Special Mailboxes) in Mail 1.x.
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    thanks...unfortunately rebuild is grayed out in "junk"
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    sorry about the miplaced post here...am a newbie at all this! hope you don't mind if this once i continue? as noted above rebuild is gray. the account is POP and mail is version 1.3.11
  • David Gimeno Gost Level 7 (20,775 points)
    As I said, if the discussion applies to both Mail 1.x and Mail 2.x, which I believe will be the case here, it doesn’t really matter.

    Report the names of the files and folders present at the first level of the ~/Library/Mail/POP-username@mailserver/ account folder in the Finder.

    In order to post the exact file names and avoid typing mistakes, proceed as follows. In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Mail/POP-username@mailserver/. With that folder open, if you’re looking at it in View > as List mode, first collapse any expanded folders so that the Finder only shows the files and folders at the first level. Now, do Edit > Select All (⌘A), then Edit > Copy (⌘C), and paste it in your reply to this post.

    You’ll probably see a Junk folder without the .mbox suffix there. If that’s the case, quit Mail and rename the folder to Junk.mbox. That should fix the problem.

    Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user’s home folder. That is, ~/Library is the Library folder within the user’s home folder, i.e. /Users/username/Library.
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    thanks...i tried, but there appears to be no "mail" in library at all. i used your method with the finder and nothing showed up. when that didn't work, i went direct to library and checked...no mail there. still searching...
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    so i just typed in "Junk" into the finder which took me to the POP account...and found the junk folder....and renamed it with .mbox, while mail was closed. it worked. thanks for your help! not sure why it happened in the first place, nor do i understand computers well enough to know why mbox would help, but again, thanks!