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Just in the last couple of days, everytime I access my .mac email account on the iPhone (this DOESN'T happen when I use the webmail site or my MAIL app on the MacBookPro) I get an error message that says: "The sender address 'News@InsideApple.Apple.com' was rejected by the server." I also have a small advisory on the bottom of the page (on the iPhone) that says "1 unsent message." I have - to the best of my knowledge - never sent a message to this address, though I accept that it is possible I may have hit a reply button AND a send button my mistake (though I doubt it! lol). And in any event, like I said, there is nothing in my "outbox" on any venue (iPhone, MacBook, .MAC web) that suggests it's holding a message.

Any ideas how to clear this?

thanks in advance for your suggestions. Take care ....

iMac and MacBook Pro - both Intel   Mac OS X (10.4)