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I have a 2006 Lexus LS-430 and have paired my iPhone to it.And it works great.My question: Is it possible to trensfer the iphone contacts to my car? If so how?

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Sony VAIO   Windows Vista  
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    I don't think you can. At least I haven't found a way to do so in my Lexus IS.

    However, one the handset is paired with the car I've found that I can dial the call from my iPhone and then talk hands free through the car's Bluetooth hands free system.

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    Thanks Matt. Mine works exactly the same way as yours. I just wish I didn't have to dial thru the phone.

    I have however been able to set up phone numbers in the one touch screen. At least thats 6 numbers.
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    You should be able to get 18, there are 3 pages of one touch buttons. As for the original question, I don;t think there is currrently a way since the iPhone doesnt allow you to bluetooth contacts. I previously had a Motorola Razr and had already sent my whole phonebook to my RX330 (one stupid entry at a time as required by the crazy software in the Nav unit), so mine is already populated and still works with the iPhone. I noticed the other day that there appeared to be a new button to send over the while phone book, so I am wondering if the new Nav dvd I got a couple months ago updated that feature. However, it won't do any good because the iPhone doesn't allow contact sending right now. You don't have an old bluetooth phone that still has your contacts in it do you? If so you could still send them from it.
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    I have an IS250 2007 and spoke with my dealer about the contact list and he wasn't aware that it could be done now. He also noted that the contact list transfer process is fairly tedious anyway and requires you to "push" each contact to the car from the phone when you are in the transfer mode.

    As for dialing -- my version allows me to dial handsfree through the navigational system by hitting the voice recognition button on the steering wheel -- I recorded a "short code" for each stored contact and just say dial by name and then the car prompts me to say the stored name and after it recognizes the name it prompts me again to dial and voila -- the phone dials away. I love it - almost as much as the phone.
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    That "push" mode was what I was referring to in the crazy process that I used with my old phone when I first got the car a couple years ago. Its the most insane system I have ever seen. It's faster just to dial the number from the car's keypad, then store the last number dialed into the phone book.
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    Well, I have a Miata with an Alpine head unit, and all 650 contacts transferred over automatically. Problem is the dial is not fast enough to scroll through that many names in any meaningfull way...