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I purchased my Iphone on July 1 at the Apple Store in Nashville, TN (great people to work with) and also purchased the Incase rubber case. The case fit very well when it was new but became stretched out after removing several times to use the Iphone dock. I keep the Iphone in one of my front pockets and always make sure that nothing else is in the pocket.

Earlier in the week, I noticed that there were some small scratches on the chrome trim ring around the Iphone's screen (this has been reported in several other threads on this forum). I have no idea how they got there unless some small particles of dirt got trapped between the case and the trim ring.


When the video Ipods were first released, I purchased one of the black ones and quickly searched for a way to remove the scratches that would show up on the soft face of the unit. I found a product called Icleaner and ordered it. I must have ordered the deluxe kit because it came with three liquids and a couple of rags and a plastic glove. The liquids were as follows:

Icleaner Ipod & IBook Maintenance Polish
Icleaner Ipod & IBook Scratch Remover
Icleaner Ipod & IBook Back and Deep Scratch Remover

First, mask off the area on the trim ring that has the scratches. I used the type of scotch tape that is on the desk in the office. It has a frosted appearance. Place one piece of tape at the edge of the molding adjacent to the glass front and another at the lower edge of the trim. The purpose of the tape is to keep the Icleaner materials on the trim ring only. Be very careful to make sure that the only area exposed by the tape is on the metal trim ring. The scotch tape will remove easily and leaves no residue.

Use the Icleaner Back and Deep Scratch Remover first (it was developed to remove scratches on the chrome backs of Ipods). Wipe off the excess and then use the Scratch Remover followed by the Maintenance Polish. If some of the scratches remain, repeat the process until all are gone. Take your time and you will be able to remove the small scratches!

I think the scratch issue on the trim rings will become more common as people use their phones.

I am really pleased with the Iphone and would purchase another in a heartbeat if I needed it. As far as cases go, I purchased the Speck Skin Tight cases yesterday and also the Incase leather and canvas case that has the flap that folds over and keeps closed with Velcro. I may try some others also.

Hope this helps.

MacBook Pro 2.0 Mac OS X (10.4.10) Need XP capability

MacBook Pro 2.0 Mac OS X (10.4.10) Need XP capability

MacBook Pro 2.0   Mac OS X (10.4.10)   Need XP capability
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    wow thanks for the in-depth tute. I don't have any scratches on my iphone but over time I am sure I will refer to your scratch removal process. You are right...as time passes more and more phones will get scratched. Especially the chrome ring. That is the most likely place to become scratched. And yes your rubber case caused it. Tiny particles get trapped as you suspected.
    I'm glad Apple used the matte silver on the back instead of the shiny silver like the ipod. I have a very nice rugged case on my 80 gig iPod but the back where the pressure points are have become scuffed – INSIDE THE CASE!! oh well..no biggie. It still looks better than most ipods I have seen that go around caseless.

    Anyhoo...thanks for the tip and I know you are enjoying your iPhone as much as I am digging mine.