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I have the 30G iPOD and everything has been fine... however, I tried to plug it in to my computer the same way that I always have and I get a bubble that says "Power Surge on USB Port"... I am blown away that I can't get any support from apple as my product is out of warranty... any ideas... I have tried plugging it in to all ports and I have nothing else plugged in to any of the ports yet I get the same message... the only change that I have made lately was that I got a new stereo for my car with iPOD port... could this have messed something up?


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    I have the same problem, both in my laptop and my desktop computers. I've also noticed a strange behaviour (in both equipments), In some ports (including one hub with its own power plug) I receive the "Power surge on USB port..." (in fact, the Spanish version of the message), but when I plug the iPod in other ports nothing happens: there's no device recognition (and the iPod don't recharge) and there's no error message.
    Furthermore, after those problems I tried to recharge the iPod via a USB car charger, with no results, so I think the problem is in the iPod.
    And, as in your case, it happened suddenly and without an apparent reason (like a change in software or hardware).

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