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natalieh Level 1 (0 points)
i just moved all my music to my macbook, but when i try to sync my ipod only about 2/3 of my music is synced before a window pops up that says 'attempting to copy to the disk failed. an unknown error occurred (-54).' does anyone know what that means or how to fix it?

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    The same exact thing happened to my MBP todsy. Can anyone shed some light on tis error code?
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    For some reason, this just began happening with my iPod as well. With me, the music is not transferring from my computer to my iPod, and it used to. I have not (knowingly) changed anything. My son tried restoring and re-syncing it, but it will only download music through "S" in the alphabet (by artist). I keep getting an error window on my computer that says "Attempting to copy the disk to (name) iPod failed. The disk could not be read from or written to".
    If anyone has any suggestions, please post!!!
  • Cathy Gerstner Level 1 (0 points)
    It seems like I had this problem a long time ago, and the problem was a corrupt song on the list. After we deleted the song, the rest of the music transfered. You might check and see if it stops at the same song each time. (I think we dragged them into a folder that we called "corrupt songs", so that just in case that wasn't the problem, we hadn't thrown the songs away in vain.) Hope this works.
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    i have a PC and lately when i sync not everything will transfer to the ipod. at first this started with the 80GB ipod i bought a year ago so i thought it was the ipod. today i brought home the 160GB Classic and i'm still having the same problem. i'm NOT receiving any error messages at all. i have about 110 GB of music/podcasts, etc and only about 10-20 songs will sync and then it stops. i hit sync again and maybe 10 more will sync. sometimes i'll get about 100 that will sync and then i'll hit sync 10 times before anything will transfer. the amount that will sync keeps showing weird at the top of iTunes too; one time it will show the nearly 7000 songs in the Music category, and then sometimes it will show only 400 and some to sync. basically it will take forever to sync my entire library to my ipod and then i have to resync some things to the other 80GB ipod for my GF. this is just very frustrating when it takes so long. again, this is a problem that started a couple of months ago (it used to be a much smoother process) and evidently it's not the ipod so it must be iTunes or my PC. btw, all my music is stored on a 500GB Lacie if that matters at all. cricha22@msn.com
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    i have a bit of a different problem. all of the songs are transferring, but in a way different order. i made a playlist and burnt that to a disk, then deleted the songs from the library and the playlist, then imported that disc. again, all the songs transfer but in the wrong order. i just want to listen to the album the way its supposed to be heard. can anyone help?
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    I went through the same thing once I got the new 4GB and tried to put all my itunes in it. After about 200 or so songs it would stop on one certain song and not go any further, and it was driving me nuts. But I found a way around it.

    When you see what song the syncing stops on, wait til its done and gives u the error msg. Then without even ejecting ur ipod, go uncheck that song on your library, then go back to the ipod summary tab (where it shows the colored bar of capacity and a picture of ur ipod)and check the OPTION that says "sync only checked songs and videos". This way, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DELETE THE SONG. Then click on the sync button, and when it does it again, it should skip that song, allowing it to progress. It may do this a few times along the way, so you'll end up having to live without a couple songs in ur ipod, but its better than hundreds, right? I hope this is helpful, because it should work.