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Ric Hepburn Level 1 Level 1
This seems to come up, but mine's a little different.

If I restart from the menu of my 17", it goes to the white screen and stays there. When I turn it off with the power button and turn it back on, it boots up fine. If I shut down from the menu and start again, it boots fine. When I run Cocktail pilot, it restarts and boots fine.

I have run AppleJack with no reported problems. I reinstalled 10.4.7 and combo update to 10.4.10. The only new variables are my daughter's new iPod and the Safari, iTunes, and Quicktime updates.

Any ideas?

iBook 366, iMac 400, eMac (ATI), iMac 17 G4, iMac 17 Intel 2, iMac 20 Intel 2 Mac OS X (10.4.10)

iBook 366, iMac 400, eMac (ATI), iMac 17 G4, iMac 17 Intel 2, iMac 20 Intel 2, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • Dah•veed Level 7 Level 7
    Mac App Store
    If you are referring to one of your Intel Macs, have you reset the System Management Controller?
  • Ric Hepburn Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, I am referring to the 17 Intel. I have not tried resetting the System Management Controller, but will do so when I get home the evening. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Ric Hepburn Level 1 Level 1
    That seems to have done the trick. Thanks!
  • Schlitt1 Level 1 Level 1
    I have the new brushed metal 20 inch. I've had a white screen issue basically since I purchased it. I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but it seems to restart properly if my ipod or external hard drive is not connected and on at at startup. I teste it by unplugging my ipod from the usb while the white screen was up. Almost immediatlely the Apple logo appeared and soon after I was on my desk top.

    Do you think that it might be trying to boot from my ipod?
  • Rick P Level 1 Level 1
    I've just experienced the same thing and I agree it seems to be related to the iPod being connected. It also locked up my keyboard (mouse wouldn't move and couldn't use the OPTION key to switch to Windows using boot camp... I wonder if we need an iPod firmware update.

  • Lee Zimmerman Level 1 Level 1
    Just brought home a new 20" silver iMac and have experienced the same problem - if my two external Firewire drives are connected at boot time the system just hangs at the white screen. Once the Firewire cable is disconnected the system finishes the boot process. If I connect the Firewire cable after the system is running the external drives never show up. I'm also having problems with the system not waking from sleep if I have my USB hub connected. I'll try resetting the SMC, but this has me worried that there is a logic board problem with my lovely new system.
  • Spadaforaster Level 1 Level 1
    i had the same issue and i solved it by booting from my os 10.4.7 cd and then launching apple hardware test then launching diskutility check and repair hard drive permissions and verifry repair hard drive. to do this hold down the d key with your cd inserted into the cd-rom drive. if you have a firmware password hold down option key till you see a menu to chose where to boot from and then select with your mouse the white arrow underneath mac os cd icon.
  • harrmi Level 1 Level 1
    How weird! I created this same problem when installing my new My Book external hard drive (firewire 800) but also had an iPod plugged in at the same time, being a PC convert and not yet up to scratch, had no idea what to do. I inserted the install disc as previous post and after a few system hardware tests found no fault, I rebooted and all fine. This is the first problem I've had in my 1st month of ownership.
  • ansalmo Level 1 Level 1
    I had the white screen issue on my Alu 20" iMac, which I eventually (after about a dozen reboot attempts!) traced to having my digicam attached via USB. So it looks like it's not just iPod-related, but possibly any USB-connected mass-storage device could cause the problem. It booted fine as soon as I disconnected the camera. There was no problem booting with my 2 Firewire drives connected.
  • A A P L Level 7 Level 7
    My son's 20" aluminum just got the "white screen of death" last night, and no devices attached.
    Can't fix it, so it goes to Apple Store tomorrow.
    Very bummed out - we got it on day-one, and it's been perfect until last night...
  • Laugiraudo Level 1 Level 1
    Well.. this is my problem.. I got a new imac, the aluminium one, a few days ago.. I turned it on yesterday (saturday) and install all the programs that i need.. Everything seemed to work fine, and suddenly, while i was in the internet something appear on the screen saying something as i need to turn off my mac, pressing the start button.. well.. of course, i did.. and since then i cannot access to my mac, i turned on and a white screen appears and i heard something like an alarm.. ....
    Im not very happy, i admit.

    Can anyone help me?
    Excuse my poor english.
  • Will : Hi ! Level 5 Level 5
    Laugiraudo, what you describe sounds like a kernel panic. You should start your own topic about this issue.
  • A A P L Level 7 Level 7
    Well, in all my years and of all the Macs I support, I've never seen this before.
    Now, the odd part is the fix.
    It WAS a bad hard drive.
    I've had bad hard drives dozens of times over the years, so either this iMac has some new setup that causes this to be a complete failure, or there was an other piece to the puzzle that they didn't tell me about.

    Mine failed the same way, so take it in - but if you don't have a backup (which I always do) you're SOL on your data.

    Good luck,
  • A A P L Level 7 Level 7
    My failure started with a kernel panic and a shut down.
    Then, it died.
    Same symptoms.

    KPs are often times hardware.
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