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I currently have iTunes on my main hard drive of my laptop. Because of the number of songs I have it is taking up way too much memory. I am trying to move the entire iTunes program and all folders to the external hard drive, but it won't allow me to. Everytime I try to download iTunes to the external drive it automatically puts it on my main drive. Does anyone know how to do this?

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  • Paul Judd Level 6 Level 6 (13,420 points)
    Unfortunately the program itself must reside on the main hard drive. The library (including music) can reside anywhere you like (specify its location in iTunes preference and then consolidate the library)
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    When I moved mine to an external hard drive. I changed the location in preferences to the new ext. hard drive, then i went to advanced, consolidate library. Then it will copy everything over to the ext. hard drive. Then go to finder, music, then delete the itunes music folder on your laptop's HD after you've made sure that your music was moved over to your ext. HD. I hope this helped.
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    Did all of your playlists transfer over? Also, when you open itunes, does it automatically find the music on the external drive or do you have to open the external drive to access the music? Thanks.