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I just installed Logic Express 7.2.0, and opened it on one of my Garageband compositions. I can see the notes in the track, but when I press the Play button, the audio bars light up, but there's no audio through the speakers. I've checked the audio settings and have gone through the MIDI audio setup app, but I can't get Logic to make any sound at all. Garageband works fine.

I then hooked up a M-Audio 88es keyboard. It records what I play, shows the notes & keys pressed, etc, but there's no audio!

What needs to be set up so I can hear audio in Logic Express?

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    Search this forum for previous threads covevring new owners getting stuck on making Logic work.

    The title of your thread would be a good start for a search.
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    Yeah, I did search before posting. Found a couple of relevant posts, but nothing that made any difference. I would think that out of the box, Logic Express would be configured by default to play audio to the built-in audio...

    Anyways, I have Out 1-2 set as the audio object, with device CoreAudio, channel Output 1-2. But at the lower LHS there's a "Output 1-2" label, and underneath it a button that says Off and a volume slider. The button can be set to Read, Touch, Latch, Write, MIDI. Setting this doesn't make any difference.

    Also, at the very bottom of the screen, where the play/record/stop buttons are, there's a field that says in blue text "No In" and "No Out", but it doesn't allow you to select anything there.

    Really, any pointers would be welcome!

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    Please read the following:


    If you still get stuck afterwards, we'll be here to help you "get it" in logic...

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    Update Logic Express to Version 7.2.3!
    GarageBand 3 use Bus 11 as default output for the Tracks.
    LE 7.2.0 not supports more than 8 Busses.
    LE 7.2.1 supports 12 Busses and is compatible with GB3.

    If you don't want to update you have to change the outputs of each track manually from Bus 11 to Output 1-2.

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    go to the Drivers tab in the Preferences, and make sure "Built-in Audio" is selected in the drivers dropdown.
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    The same thing happened to me. I actually just shut the computer down, cause I was done for the night, and the next day when i started it up and tried it again, it worked. So I don't know if that's the case for you, but what you described is exactly what I experienced.
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    || "I would think that out of the box, Logic Express would be configured by default to play audio to the built-in audio."

    It is.

    Your channel routing is probably wrong. I'd recommend trying to build a project from scratch. Delete everything in the Environment and create a song from a blank state. It's a good way to figure out and see how Logic works.

    As you have discovered, it's a unique app.
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    rbroy, you are the man! I just got LE7 and had this problem. I did the update and all is well.

    It actually updated twice: first to 7.2.1 and then to 7.2.3.