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Suzanne Butz Level 1 (25 points)
Hi all,
Love the artwork feature. However, I have noticed that sometimes iTunes sees individual tracks on an album as separate albums. This has happened (so far) when iTunes has discovered an 'incorrect' album artwork and associated it with the album. I have deleted all copies of artwork from each track. I have then assigned the correct artwork to the first track. Sometimes the subsequent tracks appear as the one album, sometimes they just exist as separate albums with no artwork.

I have checked that all the album names are the same, and have even tried to mark some of them as compilations. Some sample albums I am having issues with are
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Premier Collection
The Best of Me (Bryan Adams)

It seems to be when there are various artists, although not all albums with various artists have this problem.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.10), iTunes 7.2
  • ibanez8181 Level 1 (20 points)
    I noticed a similar occurrence where I'd have a single album and have all the information under "Get Info" the same for all of the tracks. I even check the box for "Part of Compilation" so it keeps them together, yet the first track is seen as a separate album (so you see 2 of the same album artwork). just thought I'd give you my 2 cents. If I figure it out I'll post the solution.

    Power Mac G4 Mac OS X (10.4.10)

    Power Mac G4   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  
  • Diane Wordsmith Level 5 (6,000 points)
    I have deleted all copies of artwork from each track. I have then assigned the correct artwork to the first track.

    You need to select all of the tracks and apply the artwork...not just the first track.

    Diane Wordsmith
  • Suzanne Butz Level 1 (25 points)
    Hi Diane,
    Thanks for the suggestion, but that then means that I have 'x' copies of the album cover appearing (where 'x' is the number of separate albums it sees - can be as many as one for each track!).

    I actually want iTunes to recognise that it is simply one album. For most of the other albums, simply associating the artwork with the first track is enough: it recognises one album, one artwork and all is fine. When I check through Get Info, it only has the artwork associated with the first track, but because it recognises all the tracks as belonging to the one album it still displays the artwork no matter which track is playing/selected.

    And certainly, if there is even a tiny difference in the album name or the artist name associated with the album, then it sees them as separate albums (fair enough). The problem is trying to get it to recognise One album and showing only the one album cover (not an album cover for every track that it sees as a separate album).

    Thanks though.
  • Diane Wordsmith Level 5 (6,000 points)
    Usually compilation will achieve this for me, but apparently it's not working for you. Just curious...which view are you using in iTunes?

    Diane Wordsmith
  • Suzanne Butz Level 1 (25 points)
    Hi Diane,
    It is the same whether I view it as a list with covers (grouped by album), ie "Album View" or as a cover flow - ie the two right hand view options. And of course, it is the same if I view it as full screen.

    The more I am looking at it and working with it, the more it seems to be an album grouping issue, which really only becomes obvious when I view the covers (and artwork). In straight out List view, it is not at all obvious that it is identifying them as sepearate albums.

    As for compilation: all albums with various artists are marked as compilations (now) and it is still not helping some of them. Most intriguing....

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  • Suzanne Butz Level 1 (25 points)
    Hi again Diane,
    Ok - looks as though I did not check all of them. I must admit, I had not realised that I had to mark as compilations every track on every album that has different artists. This appears to be working.

    I had only marked as compilations those that listed actual 'various artists' or true compilations - not those released as a single album (eg the Bryan Adams one where he also has a couple of guest artists listed).

    However now I have one more query: how can I mark all the tracks quickly? Having to go and mark the check box when some of these albums have as many as 28 tracks is taking some time.....lol
  • Aslan1014 Level 1 (5 points)
    You need to make the Artist or Album Artist the same for the artwork to be unified.

    But I have an entirely different issue altogether. The artwork that iTunes downloaded (dunno from where) is not for that particular CD. Not even for remakes of the same album; these are two entirely different albums.
  • Suzanne Butz Level 1 (25 points)
    Hi Aslan,
    Thanks - that is a much quicker solution. I can at least copy/paste and use the Next button - much quicker than marking as compilations.

    I too have unusual artwork downloaded. I am guessing someone has loaded artwork to the database and that is being accessed (just like some track/album info can be incorrect). That is partly how I found this issue in the first place: all of a sudden iTunes found all these album artworks this week - and quite a few of them are incorrect.

    Let's hope they are uploading the correct artwork when we replace it - just like with the album/track information - there can be several versions for any album.

    Thanks for the help though.
  • Suzanne Butz Level 1 (25 points)
    Hi again Aslan,
    Actually, I have just found that when I implement the Album Artist option, I need to uncheck the compilation option. Otherwise, the problem persists. So there is something a bit whacky happening still.

  • Diane Wordsmith Level 5 (6,000 points)

    You asked how to mark the tracks quickly? You can select all the tracks at once, do Get Info and mark them as compliation. It will apply to all of them at once.
  • Suzanne Butz Level 1 (25 points)
    Thanks for that Diane - that is WAY quicker
  • ibanez8181 Level 1 (20 points)
    Hi Suzanne,

    I figured it out! After reading what some of these people posted I tried this:

    1. Delete the album artwork for the (example: 12 tracks) in the album.

    2. Highlight the whole album and select GET INFO

    3. Uncheck or set COMPILATION to "NO" and select "OK"

    4. Select GET INFO again, reset COMPILATION to "YES" and select "OK"

    5. COPY the the correct album artwork to the PASTEBOARD

    6. CONTROL-Click (Right-Click) on the album artwork area in the lower-left corner of iTunes (there's a button to make it become viewable) and PASTE the correct artwork there.

    Hope this helps, it worked for me.