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I am trying to purchase some songs on iTunes and I keep getting a message that says:

"Shopping cart contents have changed.
Either prices have changed or items have been added or removed from another computer. Please review your shopping cart and click 'buy now'"

There then is a refresh button that you click to get out of this message. I review and click refresh which brings me back to my cart and then press buy now and I get the same message about my cart contents having changed.

I have been buying from itunes for months, items have not been added or removed from another computer... i just added them.

I am able to buy them one at a time, but not thru the "buy now" button at the bottom right.

I have updated to 7.3.1... anyone have any idea what is going on?


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    I'm having the EXACT same problem. (Only difference is I'm still on 7.0.2... iTunes updates are often troublesome.)
    Sorry, I haven't found a solution.
    I like to buy in batches so i don't end up with ten transactions a month, so I had about thirty entries in my shopping cart when I first got this message, on the 22nd of July (two days after your posting). Today, a week later, I tried again, same problem. I was able to narrow it down two seven entries (two albums and five singles) and that worked, but I couldn't get more than that. And sometimes less than that wouldn't work. Very odd. Please let me know if you've found a solution.
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    I ended up e-mailing iTunes support and they had to do something on their end which included clearing my cart. Here is a message they sent back to me. Everything works normally now

    "Please keep in mind that it was necessary to clear your cart in order to resolve the error you encountered. The error you experienced was likely due to one of the items in your cart that was no longer available or was modified since it was last added to your shopping cart, or the number of items that were in your cart.

    In the future if you encounter the same error, I recommend that save the titles in your cart as a wishlist so that you will have a list of everything that was in your cart.

    For more information on wish lists, please refer to the following article:

    Making an iTunes Store wish list

    After you have created a wish list, you may view the album in your wishlist on the iTunes Store and re-add it to your cart.

    Should you continue to experience an issue with your shopping cart, please reply to this email with a detailed description of the issue along with the text of any error messages you may have encountered, and your permission to clear your cart."

    The reasons they gave for this possibly happening don't really make sense to me since I emptied my cart and started over but anyway... it works fine now

    I e-mailed them from this link:

    Good luck, it should be no problem once you contact them. They got back to me within 48 hours. Cheers.

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    The same thing started happening to me on Sunday. I assumed it was the recent itunes update, or 10.4.10, but obviously not. It happens every time I try to buy a cart load.

    I'm based in the UK, so it's obviously not store-specific. Thanks for the tip; the link for the UK seems to be: